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Details of Liyun Apartment No.3 International Students Dorm (B)

Liyun Apartment               No.3 International Students Dorm (B)    


Room Type Price Period Bookable
Suite B2:85 RMB Per Day Long-term
Singe Room B1:140 RMB Per Day Short-term
Singe Room B1:95 RMB Per Day Long-term
Suite B2:140 RMB Per Day Short-term
Suite B3:95 RMB Per Day Long-term
Suite B3:150 RMB Per Day Long-term


  • Option 1: After confirming your application status online, log in to the application website and apply.
  • Deadline for dorm reservation
    Once you’ve received the admission notice, please log in to to apply. Application date: 9:00AM May 28th 2019 to 12:00 PM July 31st 2019. Due to the limited rooms available, please make your reservations quickly. Application will close after the deadline.
    Note: Chinese Government (CSC) and Confucius (excluding Confucius Study Plan) scholarship recipients, as well as exchange students who have their accommodation fee waived, are not required to reserve online. Your housing arrangements will be settled by the school.