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library Regulation

Library Overview
Beijing Normal University Library developed out of the reading room of education department, Imperial University of Peking, which was established in 1902. After many times broaden scale and moving, the library services are mainly provided by the main library, which firstly opened in 2011, the educational branch library and many school or department reading rooms.
By the end of 2014, the total printed collections amount to more than 4.61 million items, including Chinese and foreign language books, periodicals, dissertations, and other documents. The library has introduced 296 Chinese and foreign language databases. There are 26 special collection resources databases constructed by the way of independence or cooperation.

Printed Resources Borrowing

Book Borrowing and Returning
Book search: Library homepage( →Online Public Access Catalogue(OPAC), find the book based on the call number and location.
Book borrowing and returning: operated on the self-services machine, 24 hours book return machine and the miniature library. The default user name and initial password are both the student card number. Please visit circulation desk if you have any questions. Loan information check: library homepage→ID login, The default user name and initial password are both the student card number.
Book renewal and reserve: login with your ID and operate online. Book reserve condition: the reserved book should not on the shelf except books which were printed from 1986 to 2000. Before borrowing Chinese books which were printed from 1986 to 2000 , you should submit reserve application online first no matter if it has copy or not. The reserved book notice will be send to your reserved email address. The reserved books will be kept for 5 days, and please take them as soon as possible on the circulation desk or educational branch library based on the email notice.
Path to get CD attached with books: Library homepage→Resources→Non-book resource→Resource attached with books
Warm prompt:
  • 1.before you return overdue books, you are not allowed to borrow, renew books;
  • 2.The reserved books can not be renewed, and you should return them on the circulation desk.
  • Book Borrowing Rules
    Students can borrow 30 books and reserve 3 books at one time. The loan period is 60 days. The maximum loan period is 100 days counting the renewal.
    Books can be overdue for seven days before incurring a fine. From the eighth day the fine is 0.10 Yuan per book per day. The fine can be paid by the self-paying system on the section B of the first floor. Deal with the Lost/damaged things on the circulation desk. Pay the compensation fees for them according to the library regulations.
  • Path:
    Library homepage→“database” icon on the quick search box;
    Library homepage→Resources→Electronic resources→Databases search; Library homepage→Frequently used resources;
    Library homepage→Resources→Specialized resources.
    Click the database name get into the corresponding database, click icon for the details and the cautions of utilization. You can also check the database user guide by visit the following path, Library homepage→Resources and catalog/reference→Database user guide. In addition, you can also quickly learn about important database through “weekly database highlights”.
    Journal Search
    Library homepage→“e-journal” icon on the quick search box;
    Library homepage→Resources→Electronic resources→E-journal and original text search.
    In the periodical searching list, click the journal name, you can view the information that it embodied by which database and in which year the full text is available.

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