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Beijing Normal University On-Campus Internship

From 2014 onwards International Students Office has been providing internship positions for BNU international students, the positions are divided into two categories: teaching assistants and administrative assistants. Becoming an intern requires signing an Internship Contract between a student and an institution which provides internship position; working time of an internship cannot exceed 40 hours a month; after completing an internship a student must submit internship report and internship recommendations and assessments from the organization in which a student took the internship. In accordance with a position category, International Student Office provides internship compensation: 2000 RMB/month for teaching assistant; 1200 RMB/month for Bachelor students, 1600 RMB/month for Master students and 2000 RMB/month for PhD students for the position of administrative assistant. Currently the amount of foreign students who participate in the university's internship programs is 74. The table below shows internship institutions and the number of on-campus internship positions offered for the spring 2015 semester. For more information on how the university's units apply campus internship programs for international students, please read «Beijing Normal University On-Campus Internship Regulations for International Students». International students may contact the unit directly for the application.

Internship institutions and the number of on-campus internship positions offered for the spring 2015 semester
Teaching Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Contact Information
International Students Office
Faculty of Education
School of Social Development and Public Policy
School of Environment
Law School
School of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Beijing Normal University On-Campus Internship Regulations For International Students

Article 1 General Rules

Clause 1 For the purpose of nourishing a spirit of self-reliance and self-improvement of international students, of increasing their social ability, of helping them successfully graduate and of stimulating the realization of a healthy and well-organized part-time job while studying, in accordance with «State Council Opinions on Establishing and Developing a System of Financial Aid Policies for Students with Difficult Economic Conditions Studying at Regular Undergraduate Institutions, Higher Vocational Schools and Secondary Vocational Schools» (№7, 2007, State Council), jointly issued by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance «Regulations on Part-Time Job for College Students» (№7, 2007, MOE and MOF), we hereby put forward the following regulations.

Clause 2 The present regulations shall apply for all current international undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Clause 3 On-campus internships for international students are based on principles of, “voluntary application”, and giving priority to students in need. The school will carry this out in an organized way so that work does not affect a student’s education.

Article 2 Position Placement

Clause 4 On-campus internship positions for international students are teaching assistant and administrative assistant positions and have to be carried out accordingly. Compensation is paid according to the amount of hours worked. Recruitment is public and interns will have regular assessment. Placement organizations shall carry out overall consideration on the scale and types of personnel training, reaching quotas and other factors.

Clause 5 In an event of urgent personnel demand, placement organizations could apply to the International Student Office for more interns. After completion of the workload, interns are automatically relieved off duties.

Article 3 Management Implementation

Clause6 On-campus internships last for one academic semester and are carried out through request in the form of an application. At the end of each semester, the International Student Office publishes a list of offered internship positions for international students for the next academic semester and provides a reference application for each position. In order to set up a position, an organization must submit «Beijing Normal University International Students On-Campus Internship Positions Application» (Appendix 1). The International Student Office then carries out examination and approval.

Clause 7 On-campus internship position placement for international students is carried out for one semester, proportion of positions offered to first, second, third and fourth year Bachelor students is 40%, 30%, 20% and 10% respectively.

Clause 8 At the beginning of every semester an organization offering internship positions must fill out a form and submit it: «Beijing Normal University International Student On-Campus Internship Position Instruction» (Appendix 2), the organization must finish recruiting students within two weeks, finish training and probation within one month, sign «Beijing Normal University International Student On-Campus Internship Position Work Agreement» with intern (Appendix 3) and submit «Beijing Normal University International Student On-Campus Internship Position Employment List» (Appendix 4). The employment list of any current semester cannot be changed.

Clause 9 An organization which provides a position should set up standards for the position placement, clarify duties and conditions of the position, strengthen supervision and evaluation, make sure the position emphasizes on training of student’s practical abilities, give full pay to an international students on-campus internship position’s ability to financially help their education.

Clause 10 An organization providing a position is particularly responsible for recruiting, training, compensating, daily management and coordinating with the International Student Office in accomplishing assessment, appraising and related work. After an international student on-campus internship is completed, an organization must fill out and submit «Beijing Normal University International Student On-Campus Internship Report» (Appendix 5).

Clause 11 The International Student Office is generally responsible for examination, improvement, management, service, assessment of international student on-campus intern position and related works.

Article 4 Employment and Payment

Clause12 Candidates for international student on-campus internship positions must fulfill the following requirements: 1. Student must have comprehensive quality, no actions of discipline violation; 2. Student must have qualified academic achievements, no failed exams; 3. Student must have strong sense of responsibility, outstanding work-ethic and meet the requirement of relevant professional skills of an offered position; 4. Preference is given to international students from families with low income.

Clause 13 Interns offered an international students’ on-campus internship position must take part in relevant trainings offered by the institution offering the position. They must also conscientiously perform their duties and responsibilities, and must accept the supervision and evaluation of International Student Office and the institution providing the internship. In the case of truancy and negligence of duties, the institution providing the internship position could carry out disciplinary actions. According to the circumstance, disciplinary actions could come in the form of withdrawal of part of compensation owed to the student or total dismissal from internship position; pending the former disciplinary action fail to have impact on the intern’s work ethics. When an intern is dismissed, a record of their dismissal is sent to the International Student office and the student is barred from being offered future positions.

Clause 14 Working hours of international student on-campus internships cannot exceed 8 hours a week or 40 hours a month. Bachelor, Master and PhD students for a position of administrative assistant are compensated 30, 40 and 50 RMB per hour or 1200, 1600 and 2000 RMB per month respectively; teaching assistant interns are compensated 2000 RMB per month; according to the difficulty of a particular position the institution providing the position can reduce or increase the compensation by an amount of 10RMB.

Clause 15 Compensation is to be made for a 10 month calendar year. The International Student Office issues a report to the Finance Department which sends money directly to a student’s account in accordance with «International Student On-Campus Internship Fee Schedule» (Appendix 6), which is to be submitted before 10th of every month by an institution providing a position.

Article 5 Supplementary Article

Clause16 Present Regulations enter into force as of the date of promulgation.

Clause17 International Student Office reserves the right to interpret present Regulations.