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Annoucement About NO.2 International Students Apartment

On 2016-Aug-25

Dear International Students:


     Greetings from Beijing Normal University.

     Welcome to study at Beijing Normal University and thanks for choosing NO.2 International Students Apartment through our Online Reservation System.

      We are sorry to inform you that the recent discovery of wall wracks in NO.2 International Apartment poses risks to International Students’ safety. For your safety’s concern, BNU has started the reinforce construction and decoration in time and this lasts until August 2017. Therefore, you cannot stay in NO.2 International Apartment as planned before.

     To solve your accommodation, BNU is coordinating hotels which could offer accommodation to you. We promise your accommodation  will be solved properly on your registration day.

      We thank you in advance  for your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

Beijing Normal University

August 26, 2016