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Annoucement About NO.2 International Students Apartment

On 2016-Aug-27


Greetings from International Students Office of BNU.

We are sorry to inform you that the recent discovery of wall wracks in NO.2 International Apartment poses potential risks to International Students’safety. For your safety’s concern, BNU has started the reinforce construction and decoration in time and this lasts until August 2017. Therefore, you cannot stay in NO.2 International Apartment as planned before.

To solve your accommodation, Tianfang Hotel will offer standard room(double-bed room)for you with the former agreed price of NO.2 International Apartment during this period. During your stay in Tianfang Hotel, staff from Service Center for International Affairs of BNU will work in Tianfang Hotel and offer necessary service for you.

Tianfang Hotel is 1.7 kilometers far from the campus. There are many supermarkets, restaurants nearby and several bus lines reach BNU campus(see
picture in attachment)
. The marketing price of Tianfang Hotel is 468 yuan
per day and BNU will pay the extra accommodation fee for you.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and
apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

International Students Office     Service Center for International Affairs

                                                                               August 26, 2016

Route from BNU to Tianfang Hotel