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Urgent-Announcement on Interview for Applying Stay Permission Visa

On 2016-Sep-08

Urgent-Announcement on Face-to Face Interview for Applying International Student Residence Permits
Students who applying International Student Residence Permits and X2 visa:
According to the regulation of Chinese Emigration and Immigration Administration Law, you need to take face-to-face interview. To saving your time in queuing up, we have invited policeman from the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Beijing Municipal Public Security to hold fact-to-face interview for all of you at the NO. 2 Meeting Room of NO.1 International Students Dorm on September 11, from 13:00 to 15:00. You can only take the interview in BNU campus at this Sunday afternoon.
Procedures for visa interview on September 11 are as follows:
1.    For students with receipt from Visa agency, please come to the No.1 Meeting room of NO.1 International Students Dorm to pick up your material for face-to-face interview on 12:30;
2.    Please come to take face-to-face interview with your visa materials on the No.2 Meeting room of NO.1 International Students Dorm;
3.    Return your visa interview materials to No.1 Meeting room.
If you cannot take the face-to-face visa interview on September 11, you need to take the interview at Beijing Municipal Bureau of Public Security (near Xiaojie Bridge of Yonghegong) by yourself. We strongly recommend you take the face-to-face interview on September 11.
Notes: Students with valid International Student Residence Permits or applying for changing to International Student Residence Permits from other types of Beijing Residence Permits don’t have to take the face-to-face interview.
International Students Office
September 8, 2016