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Registration Notice for Language Students of Fall Semester 2017

On 2017-Jul-13

Dear International Students,


The registration time of 2017 fall semester is 8:00-11:00,14:00-17:00 from Aug.29th,2017 to Aug. 31th, 2017 at 3rd floor of Jingshi Building. Please come to register on time.


Please bring your Passport, Student ID, Insurance, Registration Form of Temporary Residence, Tuition Fee(Union Pay Card),Visa Fee(cash) while register, thank you.


The Agency to Visa Application (Traderslink) has changed its time to accept visa application to 14:00-16:00 every weekday, and they do not accept visa application at any other time, so please be mindful of this time restriction and prepare in advance.


International Students' Office

July, 2017