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Safety Tips for New Year's Day and Christmas

On 2015-12-24

Dear International Students,Christmas and New Year's Day are coming soon. Hope you all have a safe, happy and peaceful holiday time! To ensure your normal life and learning after holidays, we offer some safety tips for you.

1.    Don’t gather a crowd to drink in a bar or other places.No drinking and no disturbing.

2.    Carry your passport when you go out.

3.    Pay attention to fire prevention and anti-theft, and make sure cut off the power, shut the windows and lock the door when you leave your room

4.    Take good care of belongings and ensure personal safety when you are traveling and going outside. Place great emphasis on the hotel's fire escape schematic, fire exits and so on.

5.    Obey the traffic rules when traveling, crossing roads and driving. No drunk driving and fatigue driving. Do not take unlicensed taxis alone. Do not buy, ride, or take unlicensed motorcycles.

6.    Students who stay in dormitories are supposed to obey the accommodation regulations. Dangerous electrical appliances and fire are prohibited.

7.    In the event of robbery, violence, theft, electronic fraud and other events, please call the police: 110.

8.    Please call: 120 or 999 when you encounter traffic incidents or accident injuries.