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The Notice for Language Students of CCLC

On 2018-May-07

The Notice for Language Students of CCLC:

  Dear fellow self-paid Chinese Language Students of CCLC, whose ending date of study is June 2018, please come to 9910 of Jingshi building between May 7th, 2018 and May 19th, 2018 to extend your study if you want to continue your study in the Autumn Semester of 2018.

Please bring your student book, which has register stamp, and 300RMB cash to apply. ISO will record the extension result on student book.

After extension proved, students can extend the campus card at campus card center, which is located at No. 16 Students’ building.

If you plan to leave China and come back, please come to Room 9910 of Jingshi building to apply re-entry visa three weeks before your departure.

Please keep one eye on your visa’s valid date. ISO’s working time for visa is between P.M. 2:00 and P.M. 4:00 from Tuesday to Friday at 9910 of Jingshi building. Please keep sure that you have paid the tuition fee and have insurance before you extend visa.

The registration date of 2018 Autumn Semester is on August 30, 2018. Please bring passport, registration form of temporary residence, insurance, student book for register.

ISO wish every students having wonderful study and life at BNU.

International Students’ Office

Beijing Normal University

May 7, 2018