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Notice for students applying for 2018/2019 Ministry of Education “Excellent Foreign Student Scholarship”

On 2018-May-22

According to the notice of the Ministry of Education, the purpose of 2018/2019 Ministry of Education "Excellent Overseas Students Scholarship" project is encouraging students to study hard, work hard. All the relevant information is listed below: 

1       Scholarship category and standards

1.1      Fixed quota: Applicants must be current self-fund bachelor degree students in the second or third year. BNU will recommend 7 students to China Scholarship Council (CSC). The final result will be approved by the China Scholarship Council (CSC).

Scholarship standard: one-time award 18,000 yuan / person

1.2      Variable quota: Applicants must be current self-fund or scholarship students in the second or third year bachelor degree study; in the second (three years graduate program) year master degree study; in the second year PhD degree study. Applicants must have officially published academic research and provide related documents or proofs. University may recommend no more than 3 students, which will be evaluated by the CSC committee.

 Scholarship standard: Bachelor students: one-time award 18,000 yuan / person, Graduate students: 30,000 yuan / person

2       Applicant requirements

2.1      Excellent academic record, with a strong learning and research capabilities.

2.2      Friendly attitude towards China, outstanding performance in China.

2.3      Discipline, physical and mental health, overall development.

2.4      Actively participated in various cultural activities or social activities; outstanding achievements preferred.

2.5      Under the same conditions, applicants with family difficult economic conditions have priority.

2.6      The students who  extended the study period, or about to graduate cannot apply for the scholarship

3       Application Procedures

Personal Application (May 25th) -> BNU Review (May 29th -30th) -> publicity in BNU(June 04 th  -  08th  ) -> CSC Committee approval

4       Application materials

Applicants must fill out online application and submit the paper application materials.

4.1      Online Application

Applicants must log in CSC Administration Commission Secretariat Study in China Online Registration Information Platform (, submit electronic application forms online and print it. Applicants who do not submit online application will not be approved.

Ps:   1)  For the type of study program, please choose "C".

2) Agency No.: 10027

3) Please fill 'Study Duration' with 2018.9.1-2019.7.15

4.2      Paper application materials

Ø  "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" (CSC on –line Application Form);

Ø  Original and copy transcript between Sep. 2017 and Jul. 2018

Ø  Recommendation letter (Recommended by a supervisor or a professor)

Ø   An article about (subject is not limited), number of words is not less than 800;

Ø  Officially published academic research ("Variable quota" applicants must submit);

Ø  Retrieval proof of published articles, acceptance letter or proof materials for participated published monographs ("Variable quota" applicants must submit)

Ø  Other evidence of outstanding performance (optional);

Ø  “Information on published articles”  ("Variable quota" applicants must submit);

5       Application Procedures

Applicants who successfully submitted electronic application forms online need to submit application materials to the International Students Office (JinShi Building Room 9910) before  5:00 pm on May 25th , 2018. Late applications or supplementary materials after deadline will not be accepted.

6   Contact of International Students Office

Undergraduate students administration Tel.010-58800310; Email:

Graduate students administration Tel. 010-58800325Email:

Beijing Normal University International Students Office

May 21st, 2018