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Notice for one new English-taught course of College of Philosophy & Sociology

On 2016-Feb-25

Notice for one new English-taught course of College of Philosophy & Sociology

College of Philosophy & Sociology opens an English-taught course- Contemporary French Philosophy and Thought in 2016 Spring semester. Welcome international students to sign up this course. Following is the information of the course.

Professor: Dariush Moaven Doust

Classroom: The Teaching Building No.4 Room 105

Class time: Tuesday 1800-20:00

Duration: 1st -18th week   

Students: graduate & postgraduate students

Course introduction: Students will be introduced to French Post-War philosophy. The course is carried out in two forms, lectures and group exercises. Lectures will comprise close reading of original texts, explanation of arguments and critical discussion of the historical development of French Marxist and radical thought. Group exercises consist of group discussion based on student presentations. In the middle of the semester, students will write a shorter modterm paper. At the end of the course, students are expected to write a paper in which 1. they prove their ability to treat at least one central concept or central text by one of the thinkers discussed during the course, 2. They demonstrate their ability to analyse arguments critically, and relate the concepts to both a historical context and to the Chinese thought.

Note: All undergraduate and postgraduate students who have a keen interest in the subject of the course are welcomed to sign up or audit the course. For signing up the course, please contact Mr. Han Yu (main contact person) at, or Ms. Tao Yuan at, writing down your name, student ID number, school name, your major and grade. Limited places are available, please sign up ASAP.


Internationa Students Office

Feb.24th, 2016