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On 2019-Jun-25

1. Degree Cap

The degree cap is black and square-shaped. When wearing a degree cap, the opening of the cap should be placed in the middle of the back of the head, and the top of the cap should be parallel to the sight of the wearer.

2. The Tassel

Doctorate degree’s tassel is red, Master's degree’s is dark blue, Bachelor's degree tassel is black, while the University President’s (Supervisor’s) tassel is yellow.

The tassel should be tied to the cap knot, on the top of the cap, and hang down naturally. Before the degree is awarded, the tassel should hang in the middle of the right front side of the graduation cap. At the Degree awarding ceremony, after the degree is awarded, the Faculty Dean will move the tassel from the right front side of the graduate's cap to the middle of the left front side.

3. The Graduation Gown

Doctorate degree’s gown is either black or red, Master's degree’s gown is either blue or dark blue, Bachelor's degree gown is black, while University President’s (Supervisor’s) gown is either red or yellow.

A graduation gown should fit naturally. No other apparel should be added outside the graduation gown.

4. The Drape

The drape is a pocket-shaped triangular clothing. It is divided into six categories, according to its border colours, they are; Humanities (Pink), Science (Gray), Engineering (Yellow), Agriculture (Green), Medicine (White), and Military (Red).

The drape should be worn outside the graduation gown, laying over both shoulders. It should be buckled to the top button of the gown, and the triangular part should hang behind.

5. Other Outfits

Shirt: Should be white or light-coloured shirt. Men should wear a tie, while women can wear a bowtie.

Pants: Men should wear dark pants, while women should wear dark pants or dark or plain skirts.

Shoes: Dark leather shoes.