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Important Notice for CSC Full Scholarship Doctoral Students Single Room Reservation

On 2018-Jun-26

Application Candidate3rd -year CSC Full Scholarship Doctoral Students (Students who applied or will apply for leave, extension or academic leave between September 2018 and July 2019 can not apply for single room.)

I.   Reservation Period

09:00am Saturday June 30 2018 — 11:00am Monday July 2 2018

II.  Room Type

1)  A2 (4 Male rooms, 4 Female Rooms) — 9.2, free of charge.

2)  A3 (9 Male rooms, 9 Female Rooms) — 12, pay RMB10/night,room          for the price difference.

III. Reservation Place: Reception of No. 3 International Students Dorm

IV. About Reservation

Queue, first come first served.

A deposit of RMB200 is required for reservation.

V.  Attention:

1)  Check in between August 1, 2018 and August 31, 2018 (Rooms will not be reserved after the given date, and will be seen as giving up single room); check out before July 1, 2019.

2)  Student who will apply for suspending or academic leave between September 1 2018 and July 1 2019 must give up the right of residence.

3)  Student will be canceled the residential qualification immediately if he/she has a records of absence in the dorm on 7 consecutive days.

4)  Please consider carefully before booking. The deposit will not be returned after reservation period due to personal reasons.

5)  Exchanging or renting rooms without permission is strictly prohibited. Students who violate the contract will be deprived of the right living in the dorm, and will get the relevant punishment from the university.

6)  The deposit will be returned after check in.

7)  One student can book one room. If you book for other student, DO take the Letter of Authorization by the student.

8)  As with Chinese discrepancies, the Chinese shall prevail.


                 Service Center for Foreign Affairs

June 26, 2018