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Notice of accommodation arrangement for the 2018 Fall semester

On 2018-Jul-30

  1. According to the unified arrangement of the school, 2018 new PhD students and study extension PhD students will study and live in Changping Campus. Accommodation will be arranged by the school in Changping Campus Student Apartment. The address is: Student Apartment Building No. 5, Changping Campus, Beijing Normal University, at the intersection of Xisanhe West 3rd Road and Gaojiaoyuan South 3rd Street, Changping District, Beijing. Check-in time is October 8, 2018. (Student who receive school accommodation subsidies do not need to pay accommodation fees.)
  2. Accommodation for Chinese Government Scholarship Students (CSC), Confucius Institute Scholarship Students (CIS), Ministry of Commerce Scholarships (MOFCOM), and accommodation-free exchange program students, will be arranged by the school. Please check in at the apartment arranged by the school. Check-in time is the same as the registration time for the 2018 fall semester.
  3. Students who do not belong in the above accommodation settlement plan and have not successfully booked their 2018 fall semester dormitory on the online booking system, can log in to the online booking system from August 10th to 14th, 2018, to book their dormitory. If a student violates the rules during the online booking, the booking will be invalid.

For supplementary booking, please log in to your online reservation system personal account, to confirm your account is working perfectly, before the reservation system is officially launched.

  1. Students who are still unable to book the dormitory can apply for the “waiting list” during the supplementary booking period. If the students who have successfully booked a bed space give it up, the apartment management will contact the waiting list applicant so as to arrange the bed according to the order of the waiting list.

Please note: The “Waiting List” does not ensure that the applicant has booked the dormitory, therefore, the applicant should be prepared to arrange an off-campus accommodation.