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Notice of Selecting Host and Performance for Beijing International Students’ Night

On 2018-Oct-31

Beijing Normal University will host the grand International students’ cultural and artistic gala night, “2018 Beijing International Students’ Night”, on December 2018. Since its inception, this trademark activity has held continuously for 8 editions, and the leadership of the Ministry of Education as well as BNU leadership team will be in attendance at the time of the event. In order to ensure the great success of this show, we are gathering different programs from all the international students on campus, so as to show the elegant styles of international students from various academic departments, and to manifest the achievements of BNU’s international students education.

Programs should possess the theme of health, positiveness and progressiveness, to fully show the graceful style of BNU international students and the distinguished feature of each academic department, the time limit for each program is within 5 minutes. The program could be in various forms, as the genre is not limited. We encourage programs to reveal student’s study life in Beijing and Beijing Normal university, thereby telling the story of students’ personal experiences with China.

To register, please fill in the registration form online through the link before 5pm on Wednesday November 7, 2018. Audition of performances will be held on 8:30am in the Physical Exercise Room (on the west side of east playground) on Sunday November 11, 2018. All the necessary video, music, costumes and props etc., should be prepared in advance.

At the same time, this show is looking for Hosts/Moderators from all the international students on campus. The Host should possess a high level of Chinese language, clear articulation, accurate pronunciation, correct attitude, confidence and generosity, and have a certain ability to adapt on the scene. We encourage students to actively register and grasp this opportunity.

Students who are interested in participating in the Show Hosts/Moderators selection should please fill in the registration form online through the following link before 5pm on November 5 (Monday). Show Hosts/Moderators audition will be held on November 7 (Wednesday) at 3:30 pm in the Art Building Room 101. Please prepare a self-introduction in advance.

Beijing Normal University International Students Office

October 31, 2018