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Graduation Notice for July 2019 International PhD/Master Graduates

On 2019-Jun-21

Dear Graduates:

Congratulations on the completion of your studies at Beijing Normal University!

Before you leave your alma mater, please complete the following school departure procedures:

I. Time for graduates to leave school

All graduates must complete the leaving procedure before June 30, 2019 (Sunday).

II. Graduation Procedures

1. Visa period confirmation

Students whose current visa expires after July 31, 2019 are subject to change the visa expiration period before they can receive their diploma and degree certificate. It takes about 3 weeks to complete the formalities, therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary losses, please change the visa expiration date before booking your airline or train ticket.

Students who need to change their visa expiration dates should please bring their passport, temporary residence permit form, and one passport-size photograph to the International Students Office (Jingshi Building 9911) to apply. Office hour for visa is 14:00-16:00 every Tuesday to Friday.

2. Tuition fees payment confirmation

Please confirm whether you have paid the full tuition fee. Students who have not paid all their tuition fees are required to go to the International Students Office with a "UnionPay" bank card before June 26, to complete the payment procedure (cash payment is not accepted).

3. Electronic departure procedure

Please log in to the Electronic Leave Management System between June 21 and June 26 to fill in the "Graduation Information Collection" online and confirm the process that must be completed. Take your student ID booklet, campus card and other documents to the relevant offices that handle school leaving procedure.

Visit the information portal (The user name is the student number and the original password is also the student number. Concerning the password, if the student ID is incorrect, you can try your 8-digits birthday or the 6 last digits of your passport number. If it is still incorrect, please contact 58808113 to change your password). To enter the school leaving system, please click on the "leave school" picture on the information portal home page.

Note: The money in your campus card is not refundable. Please use up all the amount in the card latest by June 30. At 0:00 on July 1, the Information Network Centre will cancel the student campus card.

4. Dormitory check out

Students who have lived in International Students’ Dormitory should complete the dormitory check out procedure before June 30.

III. The graduation ceremony

At 8:00 am on June 27, the graduation and degree awarding ceremony for all master’s and doctoral graduates will be held at the Qiujiduan Gymnasium. Please consult your school/faculty/college office for detailed agenda of the graduation ceremony. Make sure to attend the graduation ceremony on time (if there is any change, the school/faculty/college's notice will prevail).

Please wear the academic gown in the graduation ceremony. It’s highly appreciated if you could follow the instructions of the staff and behave yourself during the graduation ceremony to ensure the solemnity.

Please stand up at the sound of the National Anthem of the People's Republic of China.

IV. Certificates and transcripts reception

Graduation Certificates and diplomas will be available at school/faculty/college offices. Please contact your school/faculty/college for details. (Only graduates who have completed all procedures on the electronic school leaving system can obtain their certificates).

For English graduation certificate or English transcript, please apply at BNU Archive Office after receiving your diploma or transcript.

V. Study Extension Application

If you cannot graduate in July 2019, please make sure you take your student ID book and go to International Students Office to apply for study extension before June 30. Students apply for study period extension is required to pay the tuition, buy insurance and complete the semester registration procedure according to the time specified by the school.

According to the student registration regulations, students who fail to graduate on time and neither apply for study extension will be treated as dropouts, and the University is not obligated to issue replacement diploma or degree certificate.

Please refer to for other relevant information.

Wish you all have a bright future, and BNU will be proud of you!

Beijing Normal University International Students Office

June 20, 2019