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Information of Student Status and Academic Degree Credentials Verification Method

On 2019-Jun-25

1. Log on to the China Credentials Verification website. (

2. Register a CHSI account

Click on “学信档案” to register

When registering, be sure to:

(1) Select "其他"(Other) as the type of ID.

(2) Fill in the English name as it is on your student ID.

(3) Fill in your passport number you used when you were admitted into the school.

3. After the registration is successful, you can log in to your account and click on "高等教育信息" to view it. You will be able to see your student status and academic information/qualification.

4. If you are unable to check your student status and academic information/qualification, please verify your name and passport number, modify your name or passport number, then log in again to view your personal academic qualifications.

If you realise that you entered the wrong passport number when registering, you can correct it by:

(1)Re-registering with the new mobile number and old passport number.

(2)Using the online modification method:

Home→Login→Personal Center→Account→Basic Information→Certificate Type/Number→Click Modify→Solution

*The nationality of foreign students is displayed as "Mainland China". Please rest assured that there is no problem with this.

*To inquire about your passport number when you were admitted into the school, please bring your identification document and student ID to the International Students Office.

*If you encounter any problem other than the above, please contact the International Students Office.


(China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center)

Telephone: 010-82199588


Beijing Normal University

International Students' Office

June 24, 2019