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Regulations and Application Procedures for The Change of Student Status of Beijing Normal University International Students in 2020

On 2020-Jun-17

 If you need to apply for a change of student status, please review the regulations on student status management and follow the procedures to apply for the change of student status.

1. Regulations on student status management:

- Advanced Studies Students (including Chinese language students):

- International Undergraduate Students:

- International Graduate Students:

2. Application process for change of student status:

Log on to the website of the International Students Office (Study & Life — Current Students — Download), Download the corresponding change of student status application form, fill it out, and send it to the designated email of the faculty / college/ school. After the review and approval of the faculty / college/ school, it will be sent to the education office of the Provost’s Office and Academic Affairs and the international exchange and cooperation department (international students office).

Download URL:

International Students Office
Beijing Normal University 
June, 2020