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Regulations and Application Procedures for The Change of Student Status of Beijing Normal University International Students in 2020

On 2020-Jun-17

 If you need to apply for a change of student status, please review the regulations on student status management and follow the procedures to apply for the change of student status.

1. Regulations on student status management:

- Advanced Studies Students (including Chinese language students):

- International Undergraduate Students:

- International Graduate Students:

2. Application process for change of student status:

Log on to the website of the International Students Office (Study & Life — Current Students — Download), download the corresponding change of student status application form, fill it out, and send it to the designated email of the faculty / college/ school. After the review and approval of the faculty / college/ school, it will be sent to the education office of the Provost’s Office and Academic Affairs and the international exchange and cooperation department (international students office).

URL for Download Page

International Students Office
Beijing Normal University 
June, 2020