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Notice of Retention of Entry Qualifications for 2020 International Students

On 2020-Sep-04

International students for 2020 Fall Semester who are unable to study in Beijing Normal University due to the new covid-19 epidemic, visa and other force majeure, if they need to retain their admission qualifications, please follow the notice to apply for the retention procedures in time.

Application period: September 4, 2020 to September 13, 2020

Application process: Please download "Beijing Normal University Application Form for Retaining Admission Qualifications for International Students in 2020" from the website of Beijing Normal University International Students Office. After completing the personal information part of the form, please send it to for review by relevant departments. If you are a scholarship student, a scholarship proof should be provided.

 The results of retention of admission qualifications and scholarship qualifications of self-funded students, exchange students and university-level scholarship students will be notified by email before September 18, 2020. The admission qualifications and scholarship qualification retention results of Chinese government scholarship students, International Chinese Teacher Scholarship students and Beijing Government Scholarship students will be notified according to the time of approval by the scholarship authority.

Degree students can apply for retention of admission qualifications by year, while non-degree students can apply for retention of admissions qualifications by semester. The maximum period is one year. Students who have been notified for positive result of retaining admission qualifications will not have current student status during the retention period. Those who wish to obtain student status should submit an application for admission to the university three months before the expiration of the retention qualification period, and go through the admission procedures after the university passes the review. Those who meet the admission criteria approved by the university will go through the admission procedures again. If they do not meet the school admission criteria or fail to complete the admission procedures overdue and have no legitimate reasons such as force majeure, their admission qualifications will be cancelled.

 International Students Office

Beijing Normal University

 September 4, 2020