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Notice on Course Selection for "2020-2021 Fall Semester" for New Students at Beijing Campus

On 2020-Sep-10

* Please see below for an English translation for your reference; the Chinese version shall be taken as the standard if there is any inconsistency between the translated and the original version. See the original notice at:

1. Course selection scope and principles

1. All courses taken by students must be selected online.

2. The result of course selection is confirmed in accordance with the principle of "first come, first select ". After logging in to the educational administration management system (教务管理系统), students can select “Online Course Selection (网上选课) → My Class Schedule (我的课表) Course Selection Record (选课日志)” to see the details of course selection.

2. Course selection time

From 14:00 on September 10, 2020 to 23:59 on September 20, 2020. Courses can be selected or dropped during this period.

3. Course selection method

Enter the university homepage, log in to the "Information Portal (信息门户)" (, and click to enter the "Educational Administration System (教务管理系统)" to select courses.

The public computer rooms will be available for course selection if not occupied by classes. Please bring your student card and follow the direction of the staff.

(The specific location of the public computer room: No. 8 Teaching Building, No. 9 Teaching Building, the fifth floor of the C area of Ke Ji Lou科技楼.)

4. Notes

1. If you forget the password for 信息门户, please contact the Center of Information & Network (Tel: 58808113). Please store your passwords securely, and you will be responsible for all the consequences caused by losing of the passwords.

2. If you have problems relevant to the course selection operation, please contact the Teaching Resources Office (Main Building A102, A104), Tel: 58803685.

3. Please carefully select or drop courses according to your program. The number of courses dropped will be released by the system during the course selection period.

4. Please check your personal schedule after each operation to confirm whether result is correct, and make sure to log off the "Educational Administration System" and "Information Portal"; before you finish all operation before the last day of course selection, please re-check all courses you have selected and save the page for future reference.

5. During the course selection period, please pay attention to the website of the Provost's Office and Academic Affairs:

6. It is recommended that students do not concentrate on the last day to select or drop classes, in order to avoid operation failure due to network congestion.

7. When the course selection is over, no more operations will be allowed. The result of the course selection will be used as the basis for the course assessment and score recording. Please select courses carefully.

8. Some students choose courses by "occupying the class first, then dropping out", which caused the failure to drop courses in time, causing unnecessary trouble to themselves. It is advised to select courses carefully.

9. After the course selection is over, the teacher can print out the student list of the course they are in, and shall not accept students who have not participated in the online course selection or agree them to take exam without authorization.

5. Course selection under special circumstances

1. Undergraduate general education course selection

  Method 1: Online course selection → public elective course (网上选课选公共选修课)

  Method 2: Online course selection→Choice according to class time→opened by other departments course

2. Apply for cross-year/major course selection

  Log in to the "Educational Administration System", select "Online Course Selection→Cross-year/Special Application for Course Selection", select the courses to be applied for. (“网上选课跨年级/专业选课申请”)

  Free elective module credits, through "Cross-grade/Professional Course Selection Application", select the courses that need to be applied.

6. Contact

  Li Ziming (58803685) Chen Qian, Liu Xiaoxi (58807964), the Provost's Office and Academic Affairs (Graduate School).