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January 2021 Graduation Notice for International Students

On 2020-Dec-28

Dear graduating international students:

Congratulations on completing your studies at Beijing Normal University! Before you leave your alma mater, please complete the following university departure formalities.

I. Electronic photo acquisition

According to the requirements of higher authorities, every student who intends to graduate must submit their image information, the printed photo will be attached to the graduation certificate and degree certificate, while electronic photo will be used to register the Degree on the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC), and to register the Diploma on the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC).

1. Log in the "University Student Image Information Acquisition Network" of China Photo Service (, take photos according to the online requirements and submit photos by online shooting. Due to the tight schedule, please complete the relevant procedures before December 31, 2020.

2. Fill in the mailing address of your faculty, school or department (please contact the academic affairs teacher of your faculty, school or department for the mailing address).

3. Due to the importance of the pictures and the fact that they will be compared with those on the admission notice and identity card, students are required to be responsible to themselves, dress appropriately and pay attention to their appearance when taking photos. Formal clothes, collar jacket and light makeup is suggested.

4. Please read the “Centralized Photo Collection Manual” (“Chinese and English version of the Centralized Photo Collection Manual”) for specific requirements.

In case of further questions, please contact the China Photo Service online image collection customer service for specific consultation.

Telephone: + 86-10-6 3072281

Consultation time: 9:00 ~ 16:30

II. Confirm and pay tuition

Please confirm whether all tuition fees have been paid. If you have not paid all the tuition fees, please pay online before January 5, 2021.

Log in to the "International Student Online Service System", check the tuition pre-payment information on the homepage, and click the link to pay the tuition. If you encounter any problems, please contact:

III. Complete the paper version Graduation Leave Form procedures

After confirming the graduation result, please take your student ID/student card to the International Students Office (Jingshi Building 9910) to get the " Graduation Leave Form" before January 5, 2021, and bring your student ID, campus card and other documents to the required departments of the university to complete the departure procedure.

Note: The money in the campus card is non-refundable. Please use the full amount of the card before January 5. After January 15, the Information Network Center will cancel the student campus card in batches. If you want a refund of the balance in your campus card, please send your student number, passport number, passport name, Bank of China card number and account name (please refer to the customer information confirmation form or consult the bank counter for the writing format or order of account name) to before January 15.

IV. Future plan after graduation

Please send the "Information of Future Plan after Graduation" via email to the International Student Office before January 5, 2021, so that the university can keep alumni record.

Undergraduate international students (

Graduate international students (

V. Dormitory check-out procedures

Students who live in the international students apartment on campus should complete the check-out formalities before January 31, 2021.

VI. Certificates and transcripts

After January 6, 2021, the graduation certificate, degree certificate, transcript and other documents can be received from the office of each faculty / school / college / department (the certificate can only be received after completing all the formalities required by the university departure process). Please refer to the notice of your faculty / school / college / department for the time of collection.

VII. China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center (CHESICC) information

After January 11, 2021, you can log on the "China Higher Education Student Information Network" (CHESICC) to confirm your graduation information.

Please visit: How to check your graduation information on CHESICC

VIII. Application for Extension of Study Period

If you are unable to graduate in January 2021, please submit an application for extension of study period to your faculty / school / college / department before January 15, 2021. After the faculty / school / college / department approves the application, you should pay the fees and go through the registration procedures for the semester, within the time specified by the university.

       For students who are unable to graduate according to schedule and do not apply for extension of study period, in accordance with BNU international student management regulations, the university will treat their studies as incomplete, and will not apply for replacement of graduation certificate and degree certificate for them.

Beijing Normal University

International Students Office

December 24th, 2020