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Graduate Notice 2016

On 2016-Jun-08

Dear Graduates:

Congratulate you on completing your studies at BNU soon!

Please kindly cooperate with us to finish the following work before leaving BNU:


1. Please log in the Electronic Leave School System ( between June 20th  and July 1nd to check what you need to do. Account name is your Student ID number and the password is your eight birthday numbers (year, month and day). When you enter the system, red background means what you need to do and green background means what you don’t need to do.

While in the necessary of going to the respective departments, do remember to take your student ID card and campus card.

2.  At 8:00am on June 26th the commencement for graduate students will be hold in Qiujiduan Gym. Please consult your school office for detailed information and attend the commencement on time.

   If there is any change, please take the school notice as true.

3. After you have done all the issues required in the Electronic Leave School System, you may come to ISO for Graduation Certificate on June 27th.  

4. Please pick up the diploma in your faculty or your school. You can consult your faculty or school about when and where to pick up the diploma (After you finish all the issues required in the Electronic Leave School System, you can pick up the diploma).

5. If you cannot graduate in Jul. 2016, Please make sure to extend your study period by coming to International Students Office (Jingshi Building Room9910) with your student card. You need to pay the fees for extending your study and register in ISO. The students who cannot graduate this Jul. and do not come to ISO to extend study period will be given the appropriate treatment by the school.

Note: Student who requests for English version of graduation certificate or transcript can head to the Archives Office of BNU with your graduation certificate and degree diploma.

                                                       June 8,2016

International Students Office