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BNU Alumni Union

      Beijing Normal University Alumni Association was founded in May 1915. All faculty and students were able to join the Alumni Association as members. (This is because there were no independent student groups before November 14 1919 and this is the first student organization established at that time). The alumni association and majority of the alumnus made great contributions to ensure the “survival” of their alma mater. Since the separation from Imperial University in 1908, gaining independence has always been a topic of debate.    

      Our school is the predecessor of the Imperial Normal School. In 1902, the Imperial University set up two halls, Shi Science Hall and Teachers Hall, with both schools starting enrollment for their first batch of students on December 17th 1907.In 1908, Teachers Hall became independent and was renamed “Gifted Normal School”. Authorities repeatedly questioned the independence of this school but alumnus, teachers and students fought to preserve the school. The school has since developed into the Beijing Normal University we know today. Beijing Normal University is currently more than a century old and we give thanks to all the alumnus for their contributions.

      October 7 1984, Beijing Normal University Alumni Association was approved by the Ministry of Education. It held its first congress and election the first president and committee members. 

      October 12 1992, Beijing Normal University held the second congress and elected its second president and committee members.

      October 3 1998, the third Alumni Association congress and 65 alumnus from all over the country attended the event. The third president of the association was election. 

      September 9 2002, Beijing Normal University Alumni Association held its fourth congress meeting. 130 alumni from around the country attended the meeting. The fourth association president was elected. 

      Beijing Normal University currently has 72 alumni chapters in China with overseas alumni associations set up in several countries including United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and etc. 

      Alumni Association is a link between our alma mater and alumni relations. Its main task is to work around the school center for the development and construction of school services, and also for the vast number of alumni services "Alumni House."

      Beijing Normal University attaches great importance to alumni work. Alumni Association will continue to do a good job in the future work for common development alma mater and alumni efforts.
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                                                                           October 2013