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International students’ office of Beijing Normal University, is the comprehensive management and service department of foreign students’ affairs. For all kinds of foreign students (including degree students and non-degree students), ISO is responsible for the admission counselling, visa services, students’ activities, daily management, and statistics, etc.

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Short Term Programs

(Language Students, General Advanced Studies Students, Senior Advanced Studies Students, Visiting Scholars)

  • Tel:+86-10-58807986 (CHI/ENG)
  • +86-10-58808364 (KOR/JAP)

Undergraduate Programs

  • Tel:+86-10-58800310

Chinese-taught Postgraduate Programs

  • Tel:+86-10-58808364 (CHI/JAP/KOR)
  • Email:

English-taught Postgraduate Programs
English-taught Credit Courses

  • Tel:+86-10-58800307 (CHI/ENG)

Confucius Scholarship

  • Tel:+86-10-58807986

Chinese Government Scholarship

  • Tel:+86-10-58800309
Program Manager
Bachelor Degree Program
Ms. Piao
Master Degree Program
Ms. He
English-taught Program
Ms. Han
Chinese Language Program
Mr. Du
Undergraduate Credit Program
Graduate Credit Program
Research Scholar Program
Short-term Program
Chinese Government Scholarship
Ms. Hu
Confucius Institute Scholarship
Mr. Zhao
General Affairs
Mr. Zhao