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Bachelor Degree Program


1. Aged between 18 and 40; high school certificate or higher academic degree.
2. Major in Liberal Arts needs HSK level six or above; 
    Majors in Chinese Languageand Science need HSK level three or above. 
    While students who have already completed level 101 (with marks of 80% or above) in the BNU College of Chinese Language and Culture and are applying for the Bachelor program in the same college do not need to provide HSK certification.
3. Residents from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have immigrated to a foreign country and are returning to China as a foreign student on a Bachelor program, must have held a valid foreign passport or nationality certificate for 4 years or more, and, in the 4 years prior to matriculation (by 30th April in the year of matriculation), must have a record of staying overseas for at least 2 years (at least 9 months overseas in a calendar year counts as one year; entry/exit stamps are taken as evidence).

basic info

  • Starting Time:2016-09-04
  • Duration:4year
  • Language:Chinese
  • Degree type:Bachelor Degree Program
  • Apply fee:500
  • Tuition:24000 RMB
  • Application deadline:2016-06-15