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On 2017-Dec-22

New Friend, New Challenge, New Hope, New Experience, New dream, New passion, NEW NEW NEW! Beijing Night International students’ activity has been witnessed 7 times before; though this year Beijing Night 2017 was UNIQUE, EXQUISITE, LIVELY and as stated in its motto, everything was NEW: NEW performers, new feelings and new inspiration that made audience all exhilarated.



The show took place in Dec 17th, 2017 at the Qiujiduan Gym, Beijing Normal University gathering all the international students at Beijing Normal University not only to witness the diverse cultures, traditions and united souls depicted in their performance, but also it was heat that warmed up one cold night in whole Beijing city.

Giving you more insight from the fascinating large scale theatrical performance, the stage was brightly set with the power of lights and assisted with gigantic led light screen. MESMERISING!!! Flashback to the performers, 200 students across the globe representing 40 countries and regions, performed and dazzled the crowd with songs, ensemble, dances, live-band performances and many others. Particularly, it was a showcase of vibrant, cheerful, exotic life of BNU international students.

So what made the show unique and incomparably memorable than the previous delicacies are that show was first well organized in which 3 episodes “Chance encounter”, “Indissoluble bond”, “Exhilarating joy” that carries the embedded meaning and the purpose of the event smoothly, plus bringing more than 2000 crowd’s attention, joy and unity more and more as show proceeds. In addition, Beijing International Students Night expanded its scale and saluted two performances from Wu Han university international students and Singaporean. It was a breakthrough in our vibrant life and tradition as well as their well-prepared, effort-devoted, stage on presentations overwhelmed, ravished and thrilled us, indeed. Salute for my brothers and sisters for how much you embraced international students here in Beijing.

Another distinctive add-up for our celebrity was those welcomed thirty guests and delegates from embassies, Beijing municipal Commission of Education, Mr. Huang Kan, educational organizations who were all thankful to be part of the audience and said that the BNU international students’ community is rich of talent and a true example to all.

Despite these additions, some highlights that dizzled-dazzled audience were charming Thai community song and dance, marvelous Vietnamese Dance and joint live band performance from which we all could see how they are committed to the event. Japanese dancers were like thunder in the arena. Nobody can imagine the show without African performers. Diverse cultures, colorful costumes and lively souls from various countries are all tied to one continent, Afrobeats made this event success as always. If anyone had the opportunity watching last year’s event, they would totally agree with one of the stunning demonstrations was from Mongolians. This year, Mongolian dance was a shining diamond on a stage. Magnificent. Audience were all graced, embraced and delighted by all parts of show.

Beijing International Students Night 2017 was bewildered, cheered and applauded by university official, delegates and students which is possibly the only indication of success. It was the SUCCESS of togetherness, unity of diverse culture and international fellowship. The show ended with ‘We Are The World’ Michael Jackson’s song as all the performers gathered on stage singing along, flanked by the university officials for a group photo to show solidarity.

Well, well, no more comments, but from voices from audience all over the world who eye-witnessed the night.

“Beijing night was a magnificent revelation of the originality, peculiarity, similarities and differences of global culture which was brought together to interact in an artistic and professional way. Every activity was an awesome surprise to me which went beyond my imagination. The performances needed to last for eternity to satisfy my curiosity to watch; how I wished the event never ended!” commented Alex S.M Mhone from Malawi.

“The BEIJING NIGHT really moved all the audience especially those who have witnessed it for the first time. It left audience with a sense of belonging as one people and many students said it had also refreshed their minds to concentrate with readings at least. The performance also attracted attention the some of the students who never participated to join in the one of next year. However, as much as many praise the performance and enjoying the beautiful sceneries (Pictures), some much mature students for PHD said it couldn’t be compared to the one of last year. that the one of last year was good but they could not justify” says Lodongi Mathew Lino Lodou from South Sudan.

“I took part in Beijing night as an audience last year, but this year it was so rewarding to me that I performed on a stage. It was absolutely different feeling to me. Twenty one of us all devoted ourselves for our dance right from the start until this show reached its end which took us two months preparation. Although, we faced new challenges and problems such as schedule conflict, costume and so on. For instance, we make use of lunch time and our community gathered for a practice of the show. Likewise, we all came over with it together and made it success. I am so thankful to the organizing committee of Beijing Night and my team.” Enkhtur Shurenchimeg, one of performers from Mongolia.

All in all, Beijing International Students Night was a wonderful event for international students and it is with great honour and gratitude and that our dear mother “International Students Office” is committed to give international students an opportunity to showcase their culture every year. We expect and believe that Beijing International Student Night will live forever!