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BNU Vice President Zhou Zuoyu visited International students during the Spring Festival greeting activity.

On 2018-Feb-14

On February 14, the 29th day of the twelfth lunar month, Vice President Zhou Zuoyu visited the International students from various countries who will be staying on campus during the Spring Festival.

Zhou Zuoyu came to our school’s Li Yun apartment and Lan Hui apartment to visit foreign students staying on campus during the Spring Festival. He had cordial discussions with students from Nepal, Mongolia, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Britain, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and other countries. During the greeting activity, Zhou Zuoyu asked, in detail, about the study and living arrangements of International students during the winter holidays and asked them to contact family and friends more frequently by mail, telephone and other means. He also encouraged them to learn more about the excellent Chinese traditional culture during the Spring Festival.

In addition, Vice President Zhou Zuoyu encouraged International students to record their beautiful experience, while studying in China, and their understanding of the Chinese culture through photography and writing, and to disseminate their works as narrators of the Chinese story and ambassadors of the Chinese culture. Students from all over the world expressed their gratitude towards the school, saying that they will adequately combine rest and study during the Spring Festival. They also promised to not only learn more about Chinese culture during the winter holidays, but also learn professional knowledge and strive for new progress and greater academic results in the new year. International students from Mongolia sent their special New Year's greetings to BNU teachers and students by presenting a live Erhu performance accompanied by a song titled "Bai Yue",.

Vice President Zhou Zuoyu paid a New Year call to International students staying in school during the Spring Festival and their families, on behalf of the school management. He wished them a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, and also presented the Spring Festival gift package, which includes an audio-visual product introducing Chinese Spring Festival custom, traditional Chinese culture performance tickets and other gift items. Representatives from the school’s Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange, Logistics Service Department and other relevant functional departments attended the ceremony.

 (Office of the International Cooperation and Exchange, Logistics Service Department)