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BNU Newsletter Issue2 Officially Published

On 2020-Apr-03

BNU Newsletter Issue2 is now online! The main contents of this issue include recent news, campus activities, interviews with people, and academic achievements. A special section themed as Fight against COVID-19 was created in BNU Newsletter Issue2, highlighting the BNUers’ comprehensive, effective, scientific response to the epidemic, and their major achievements and moving stories while actively carrying out the anti-epidemic social services. Special Events reports the donation, support and encouragement from overseas friendly colleges and universities, cooperation units, Chinese and international faculty and students, and alumni during the fight against the epidemic.


The Newsletter Issue2 is released through the official website, official Weibo, the website of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of Beijing Normal University. Welcome to read and make valuable suggestions. It can be viewed and downloaded on the official website of Beijing Normal University:

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BNU Newsletter is an English language journal sponsored by the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of Beijing Normal University. It displays the latest developments, major events, academic research results, international cooperation and exchanges, and the vigor of BNU teachers and students. It focuses on international exchanges and cooperation, the display and promotion of the major achievements of BNU schools and faculties and their global influence, and promotion of the global development of our school. Please write to us for contribution and suggestions:


Source: Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Beijing Normal University