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CSC Pre-admission

Beijing Normal University
Chinese Government Scholarship "Pre - admission Notice" Application Methods

I. Applicants: All prospective “Bilateral Program” Chinese Government Scholarship Applicants (Not “Chinese University Program”)

II. Application Conditions:
1. Meet Chinese Government Scholarship application conditions; please visit:
2. Meet Beijing Normal University international students application conditions; please visit - Admissions for more information.

III. Application Procedures:
1. Apply to the dispatching authorities for overseas study of your home country for CGS opportunity;

2. Visit to complete online application for BNU programs and pay application fee (non-refundable) online. The application fee will be waived if you have received the "Award Letter for Chinese Government Scholarship Candidate".

3. Prepare application materials in accordance with the Self-sponsored Applicant requirements below. Mailing all materials to BNU International Students' Office or email all scanned copies to: Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed.

Bachelor degree program:
Master degree program:
PhD program:
Chinese language program:

IV. Application Deadline: March 30, 2019

Note: All application materials will not be returned; the application period is 1-6 weeks (Applications will not be processed during winter break: Jan. 19 - Feb. 17. 2019).

V. Contact Information
International Students' Office

Beijing Normal University 

Room 9910, Jingshi Building, No. 19 Xin Jie Kou Wai Street

Haidian District, Beijing, China (Postal code: 100875)
Tel: + 86-10-58800309

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