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Important Notice About Dormitory Booking

On 2017-Jun-13

To assure you can successfully live in international dorms next semester, hereby notify the related reservation matters as follows. Please read it carefully. Thank you for your cooperation

  Reservation will be finished online. For old students, please log onto the website to reserve between 7:00am on June 15th  and 3:00pm on June 16th , 2017.  After you succeed in reservation, please print the reservation result by yourself, and bring it to the information desk of your reserved dormitory to pay the deposit between 8:00am-11:00pm, June 17th and June 18th 2017. Those who reserved room in Tianfan Hotel, please pay your deposit at reception of Liyun. If you do not do it in a fixed time, it will be regarded as giving up the reservation. 

For detailed procedure on accommodation reservation, please refer to the instructions below:

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1.      Before reservation, please promptly change your log in password on the reservation system, and endeavor to read the "International Students’ Accommodation Handbook by Service Center for Foreign Affairs" carefully.

2.      Any reservation application will not be accepted after the reservation deadline (see above),

3.      A deposit of two-week dorm fee is required for reservation (It will be the room rent fee after the official registration). The deposit can be refunded if you cancel the reservation before June 18th 2017. Due to your personal reason, the deposit will not be refunded after June 18th 2017. Please pay the deposit after your careful consideration.

4.      If you don’t check out during the vacation and plan to continue to stay in the same dorm next semester, you also need to reserve the dorm online and pay the deposit.

5.      Those who would extend their study can make reservation online and pay two weeks’ rent as a deposit. If your application for study extension is rejected, the deposit can be refunded with a certificate provided by International Students Office.

6.      The first one week after the official registration is the period of changing the dorm. During this period, if you check out or changing the dorm, the rent will be deducted from the deposit and the rest deposit will not be refunded. If you move off campus, you need to pay the rent as the price of a short-term student and if the deposit is not enough, you need to pay the extra fee. If you move to other dorm, you can pay the rent as a long-term student (by showing a receipt from the former dorm). If you check out after the period, two-week rent will be deducted as the compensation.

7.      Exchanging or renting beds without permission is strictly prohibited. If you violate the contract, you will be deprived of the right to stay in the dorm, and will not get the refund of two- week rent.

8.      Please do check in during the registration. If you can’t check in on time, your room rent will be calculated from the first ending day of registration. Without check-in after two weeks, your room will not be retained and the deposit will not be refunded.

9.       You can check in one week in advance before registration. The room rent will be charged as the price of a short-term student if you would like to check in earlier. Those who reserved room in Tianfang Hotel could stay at campus accommodation before September 1st and move to Tianfan Hotel after September 1st only on the condition that Tianfang has no room available before September 1st. During your stay at campus accommodation, you could pay by a long-term student standard.

10.    The room rent needs paying in advance, and the room rent of one semester needs paying in full while checking in

11.  Please note that after reservation and payment of the reservation guarantee fee by the scholarship students, the former scholarship bed space can no longer be retained.

12.  If English version does not accord with Chinese one, the Chinese one shall prevail.


                                    Service Center for Foreign Affairs

                                              June 13, 2017