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Notice Regarding “2018 Looking China Golden Lenses Awards-Short Documentary Competition”

On 2018-Nov-16

Notice Regarding “2018 Looking China Golden Lenses Awards-Short Documentary Competition”


Having run 8 rounds annually since its launch in 2011, “Looking China Youth Film Project” invites young filmmakers around the globe to China to experience Chinese culture and tell their own stories about China by means of filmmaking. So far, the program has been participated in by 508 young international filmmakers from 73 universities and 55 countries, who have visited over 22 provinces of China, made 404 short documentaries, and won 90 awards in China and abroad. In 2014, “Looking China Youth Film Project: Golden Lenses Awards” was established in order to recognize and reward the excellence of the works by the young filmmakers, and the efforts of the organizations and individuals involved in the program. “Looking China” is 8 years old now in 2018, and we have also just held the 4th Golden Lenses Awards, gaining attention from the embassies, partner universities and academia home and abroad, and various social organizations. Given such circumstances, the “Looking China” Committee hopes to expand the program and the scale of “Looking China” as a brand.

Starting 2018, the “Looking China” Committee has decided to set up two public sections in addition to the Golden Lenses Awards to strengthen the brand of “Looking China”: “Looking China: Short Documentary Competition”.

I Eligibility

Open to any documentary film within 30 min and no less than 5 min, directed, photographed and edited by non-Chinese filmmakers

II Registration Period

September 9, 2018 – December 12, 2018

III Judging Criteria

Uniqueness of perspective in terms of cultural discovery, and excellence in terms of artistic presentation

IV Jury and Process

a>     Preliminary Judgement

Jury consisting of the Committee plus a sub-jury consisting exclusively of young people on behalf of the organizer

b>    Final Judgement

Jury consisting of renowned experts and scholars from China and abroad

V Rewards

Trophy and Certificate, and invitation to the award ceremony. The winners will be promoted by various major media platforms and shown at a series of screening events both in China and overseas.

Notice Regarding “2018 Looking China Golden Lenses Awards-Short Documentary Competition”

Contractor: Rebecca Yang Zhuofan

Office phone number: 008610-58805680

Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture, Secretariat of Organizing Committee of Looking China Youth Film Project

Address: Room 1732A, New Main Building, Beijing Normal University, Xinjiekou Wai Street 19, Haidian, Beijing, China.

Code: 100876