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Chinese Government Scholarship -- BNU Program

2019 Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC)

Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) is for excellent applicant. BNU sincerely welcome excellent international students to apply for it. There are seven programs of CSC and applicants may choose one to apply based on your personal conditions. For application details, please refer to CSC web page: Chinese Govenment Scholarships.

Chinese Government Scholarship -- Beijing Normal University Program

Those who are not now in China may apply directly through BNU. Please understand BNU quotas of CSC are quite limited. Applicants need to submit the application based on “BNU Master/Ph.D. Application for International Students”. The excellent admitted applicants will be recommended to Chinese Government Scholarship Council.

1Application Candidates

(1) International Students who apply for full-time Master’s or Doctorate’s programs.

(2) Neither for majors of applicant's native language or EnglishFrench or the third language literature nor for master’s program of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages.

(3) Applicants who apply for Chinese-taught programs will NOT receive Chinese language course. Please submit HSK certificate acoording to the admission requirements of your program.

2Scholarship Scope and Study Period

Please refer to CSC web page “Introduction to Chinese Government Scholarships.

3Applicants Qualification

(1) Applicants should meet the requirements of BNU Master/Ph.D. Application for International Students”.

(2) Applicants should not be current students in China (Graduation time from China should be over one year).

(3) Applicants for master’s degree program must be under the age of 35 and for doctoral degree program must be under the age of 40.

(4) Applicants for Chinese-taught Graduate Programs should have comparatively high Chinese proficiency and for specific requirements and documents please refer to the introduction of BNU Master/Ph.D. Application for International Students”, Beijing Normal University DOES NOT provide one-year Chinese language courses. Applicants for English-taught Graduate Programs should have high English proficiency and for specific requirements and documents please refer to the introduction of English-taught Graduate Programs.

(5) Applicants should not be holding the scholarship of any other category.

4Application Procedures

(1) Please carefully read BNU Master/Ph.D. Application for International Studentsand prepare the application materials according to Item 5. Please log on to the "BNU International Student Service System" to complete an online application for BNU program and pay the application fee.

(2) Log on the website of CSC: Chinese Scholarship Council and register to fill in and print the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship after submitting it online. Please submit the form again if you made any changes on it. (Type: Chinese Government Scholarship Agency No.: 10027)

(3) Attention: the deadline for 2019 CSC Scholarship - Beijing Normal University Program has been extended to April 15, 2019. Please mail all the application materials stating in “5.Application Materials” to BNU International Students' Office before the new deadline. (Application will not be accepted after the deadline)

(4) Applicants can check the application process and the result through personal account in CSC or BNU (Phone inquiries will not be accepted).

5Application Materials

Notice: Incomplete applications will NOT be reviewed and the University has the right to require the applicant to provide additional supplementary materials. Electronic copies will not be accepted or returned. All the materials as well as application fee will not be returned.

(1) All application materials in Item 5 of BNU Master/Ph.D. Application for International Students” (Only one package is required for multiple scholarships):

     1)  One copy of BNU Application Form for International Student (on completion of the online application form it must be printed and signed. Please stick the photo and ensure that the application form is signed by the applicant and his/her guarantor.
     2)  Two recommendation letters from two associate professors or scholars with higher academic titles. There is no specified format for the recommendation letters and all letters must be signed by the referee. 
     3) One copy of BNU Personal Statement Form (Master's and Ph.D Program) (Please complete and sign the form);
     4)  Applicants for Master’s Degree programs should submit one original authenticated copy of their undergraduate academic transcripts and two original authenticated copies of Bachelor’s degree certificate and graduation certificate(in Chinese or English; documents in other languages will need to be translated and notarized as well).
          Applicants for Ph.D programs should submit one original authenticated copy of their postgraduate results transcript, two original authenticated copies of Master’s degree certificate (in Chinese or English), and abstract of their Master’s degree dissertation.

          * All academic records should bear the original/true stamp or seal of the institution. Notarized copies should bear the original/true stamp or seal of the notary office.
          * Applicants who will graduate in 2019 must submit Expectation Certificate of Graduation. After being admitted by the University, the official graduation documents must be submitted when register at BNU. Otherwise the admission will be withdrawn.
     5)  Proof of Chinese language proficiency (HSK certificate and transcript) or proof of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), according to the specific requirements of the program.
     6)  Non-refundable application fee of 600 RMB. It should be paid online or by card at BNU Internatioanal Students' Office. Application fee is required for scholarship application.
     7) Two passport-sized photos (not include the one on the form, with the name of the applicant and the faculty/department applied for written on the back)
     8)  Two photocopies of applicant’s passport information page (this must be a valid, ordinary passport);
     9) (Optional) Academic papers, patents, or other academic achievements, CV/Resume (originals or photocopies).

(2) Two copies of "Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship"

(3) One copy ofForeigner Physical Examination Form” (the applicant may keep the original document).

Please click and download “Foreigner Physical Examination Form”, which is printed by Chinese quarantine authority. It is only for those whose study period in China will last up to six months (filled in Chinese or English) and should be printed on both sides. The medical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid. Please choose the appropriate time to take medical examination as it is valid for only 6 months.

(4) For Pakistan Applicants please “click here”.

6Admission & Enrollment

(1) Beijing Normal University (BNU) will first admit the excellent applicants based on BNU Master/Ph.D. Application for International Studentsand choosethe excellent ones from the admitted as CSC candidates to the Chinese Government Scholarships Council (CSC) for final approval. BNU will send the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW201) to successful scholarship applicants then and send the Admission Notice and Visa Application Form (JW202) to the admitted applicants without CSC scholarship.

(2) Accepted Students must register on time according to BNU’s requirements. Those who are not on time with no reasons will be canceled of CSC Scholarship as well as admission of BNU.

(3) Those who have unqualified Physical Examination will be canceled of CSC Scholarship as well as admission of BNU.

(4) According to the regulations of CSC, scholarship students will take annual evaluation organized by the host University. Those who pass the evaluation could have the opportunity for next year’s scholarship.

7The other information

Please refer to BNU Master/Ph.D. Application for International Studentsfor more information.