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2023-2024 Beijing Government Scholarship Application For Current International Students

On 2023-Apr-19

In order to encourage and support excellent current international students, Beijing government establishes the “Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students”. BNU Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students Assessment Committee is responsible for the assessment and award along with the administration of the project.

Application details for the academic year 2023~2024 are as follows:

I. Scholarship Grade, Standard & Award Method 


Student Category


Award method




Tuition for one academic year

Tuition funding



2nd Prize


Tuition for one academic semester

Tuition funding

Note: During the scholarship period, awarded students who suspend and quit from school will be canceled of the scholarship.

II. Selection Regulations

Applicants’ examination results (refer to valid results with average credit score) from 2022.2 — 2023.1 (students admitted in 2022 should provide examination results from 2022.9 — 2023.1), academic achievements (undersigned as Beijing Normal University), and overall quality. For detailed selection procedure, please refer to the “Beijing Government Scholarship for Foreign Students” Beijing Normal University Administrative Measures for Implementation.

III. Selection Procedure

Application by students -> Preliminary evaluation and recommendation by Faculty / School / College / Department -> Evaluation by BNU Assessment Committee -> Announcement of evaluation result -> Official announcement of winners

IV. Applicant Qualifications

Students who are studying for degrees (undergraduates, masters, and PhD students) at Beijing Normal University that meet the following requirements can apply:

1.Abide by the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and the rules of Beijing Normal University, study hard, be positive, be upright, respect teachers, and be friendly to China;

2. Undergraduate applicants are required to study under the scheme of the professional teaching plan with excellent scores, must not be absent from any exam, and must pass all courses.

Graduate applicants are required to study under the scheme of the professional teaching plan with excellent scores and outstanding academic achievements, the score of each course must not be less than 75 (75).

3. Actively participate in various school activities, be enthusiastic about social services, and contribute to the country, society, and the school;

Students who fall under the following conditions cannot apply for this award:

1. Current degree students who will receive scholarships and academic support from any government organization or individual from September 2023 to July 2024.

2. Current degree students who have postponed graduation;

3. Students who plan to suspend their studies school from September 2023 to July 2024

V. Application Time

Submit all application materials to the designated email address of your school / faculty/ college/ department during working hours before April 27, 2023. 

VI. Application Materials

1.“Beijing Government Scholarship for International Students Application Form” 

Note: Applicants must complete the “Students Basic Information”, “Personal Statement”, etc.

2. “Information on Publications”. (this form shall be filled if there is any publications) 

3. Other related supporting materials: such as, certificate of award, academic achievements or publications (please provide the photocopy of the cover, the table of contents, and the front page of the publication, and fill in the Form of Information on Publications).

Note: The awards achieved and publications must be between February 2022 and January 2023 with Beijing Normal University undersigned.

V. Announcement of Award

The list of winners will be announced on the International Students Office website in late June 2023.

Beijing Normal University

OIEC&International Students Office

April 18, 2023