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Do I need cash?
Please change some RMB before coming to Beijing or bring 1/2 international credit card that is able to work in China. You are advised to have at least 5000 RMB (for visa, physical examination, living expenses, accommodation, food and transport). Please be extra careful carrying around cash.
Paying tuition fees
Tuition fees can only be paid in RMB using debit card with Union Pay logo issued in China. If you are carrying foreign currencies, please change to RMB once you reach China, open a bank account and apply a debit card immediately before paying tuition fees.
Bank account & money exchange
Documents needed to apply for bank card
  • Valid passport
  • Admission Notice
  • Bank Branches
  • You can apply for a Union Pay debit card at Bank of China (WenHuiYuan Branch) for free.
    You can also apply for Union Pay debit card at any other bank. For more information about the banks near school, please refer to the attachment.
    Bank of China (WenHuiYuan Branch) address:
    No. 4 WenHuiYuan South Road, Haidian District, Beijing
    Application process
  • 1) Fill in《个人账户开户及综合服务申请表》(refer to picture)。
  • All other online and e-banking services can be applied concurrently. (Present your admission notice to get 1 year of card fee waive)
  • 2) Collect《客户回单》。
  • Do make sure that you take the receipt《客户回单》(refer to picture),from the counter and keep it.
    Note: Scholarship students are required to submit Customer Receipt to ISO, to receive your monthly allowance.
    Type of bank card
    Please apply for a Union Pay debit card associated with your bank account. Union Pay is widely used in China, it has the same functions as all other debit cards and remittance can be received directly via the card.
    Can I register first before applying for bank card?
    We strongly encourage you to open your bank account before registration. Visa application may take up to 30 days and you would not have you passport during that period. Banks would not be able to process any application without your original passport. As such, you are advised to get a bank card before registration.
    Money exchange
    Students are advised to have sufficient amount of RMB in cash ready to pay for rent, visa and other fees. Note: Banks do not do money exchange on weekends. If you happen to arrive during the weekends and do not have any RMB, please change some at the airport.
    Documents needed to change money
    Valid passport