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Faculty registration

Studying with Chinese classmates would be a very enriching experience for all international students. Chinese students can not only help you better understand Chinese culture, they can also lend you a helping hand in academics area. They will make your life in Beijing Normal University a lot easier and more relaxed. You are encourage to form strong bonds with Chinese students and hopefully that carries on even after graduation.

1. Faculty registrationApart from Chinese language students, all other students need to go to their faculty with their student ID for registration. Students who fail to register on time may affect their studies and course selections.

For students who are unable to come to registration on time, please apply for a leave of absence in advance. Students who do not register within two weeks of the start of school would be asked to leave school automatically.

2. Course selection and credit requirementsAfter faculty registration, please head to your department to collect Course Handbook. Course Handbook differs in every faculty, but it holds all the necessary information for credit requirements, course selections, required modules and graduation guidelines for every program.

Undergraduate course selection

Office of Teaching Affairs webpage is the website for the Office of Teaching Affairs. Students can get information regarding results, internship, scholarships, graduation guidelines and etc. is the website for Undergraduate Course Selection. Undergraduates can select, add, drop, change courses during the course selection period at the beginning and end of every semester. Class and exam schedules are also posted. Undergraduate students may also check their results here.

For undergraduate students, the initial username and password is your student ID number. Please remember to change your password after the first log in.

Course selection website: