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On campus dormitories: 6 International Student dormitories  

International Students Dorm 1 International Students Dorm 2 
Tel:58807642  Tel:51603096/51603098 
International Students Dorm 3 (Li Yun Aparthotel) Xin Song Apartment
Tel:58805151  Tel:58807890 
Lan Hui Apartment Building 13, International Students Dorm 
Tel:58806000  Tel:58809556 

Off-campus housing

If you are living off campus, please go to the police station with your landlord to get your Temporary Residence Form within 24hours of moving in. Remember to bring your passport, and remind your landlord to bring his/her registration booklet, housing certificate, rent contract and ID. This form is essential during your stay in China as verifies your legal rights to live in China.
Many students may change their address and contact details over the semester, please update ISO of your existing contact information whenever it’s changed. Students should be contactable as all times as ISO will send out regular updates and information. It is necessary for students to keep close contact with ISO, in case of emergency.

Nearby hotels

Jingshi Building Website:
Address:South east corner of Beijing Normal University
Jimen Hotel Address:No 3 Xi Tu Cheng Road, Haidian District (South West corner of Jimen Bridge)
Tong Chun Yuan Address:Opposite Beijing Normal University (East Gate)
Lifestyle Facilities
There’s a variety of cafeterias and restaurants in school. All dinning on campus accepts payment by campus card.
There are supermarkets and stores on campus where students can get groceries and necessities. The campus is well equipped with different varieties of facilities such as hospital, post office, banks, bookstore, laundry store, gym.
On campus supermarkets
☆ Staff Supermarket:Located near the Staff Cafeteria, it sells groceries, meat and all other basic necessities. Opening hours: 8:30AM ~ 21:30PM
☆Student Supermarket:Located on the east side of No 5 Cafeteria, it sells food and other basic necessities
Malls and supermarkets

Cuiwei Department Store, Mudanyuan Store
Address:North West corner of Mudanyuan Road intersection. Bus 22 from school goes there directly.
Guo Mei Electronics
Address: No 40 Bei Tai Ping Zhuang Third Ring Road, Haidian District
It is an electronics mega store. 20 mins walk from school
Suning Electronics
Located north of Bei Tai Ping Bridge, beside Wu Mei supermarket. 20 mins walk from school
Feng Lan International Shopping Mall

Located south of Ming Guang Bridge, it’s a 15 mins walk from there.