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Chinese Government Scholarship

Notice for Application of 2019/2020 “Excellent Overseas Students” of

Ministry of Education

In order to encourage diligent study and inspire infinite pursuit of knowledge, Ministry of Education is now launching 2019/2020 "Excellent Overseas Students" Project. Detailed information for application is listed below: 

1      Categories and Standards

1.1      Fixed quota: Applicants shall be currently self-funded second year or above degree program international students. BNU will recommend 7 students to China Scholarship Council (CSC) for final selection.

Reward: Certificate of Merit + Scholarship (Bachelor students: award 18,000 yuan / person, Graduate students: 30,000 yuan / person)

1.2      Variable quota: Applicants shall be currently CSC scholarship holders in the second year or above degree program international students. BNU will recommend 3 students to CSC for final selection.

 Reward: Certificate of Merit

2         Requirements for Applicants

2.1        Excellent academic record, with a strong learning and research capabilities,

2.2        Friendly attitude towards China, outstanding performance while studying in China,

2.3        Always observe laws and regulations; physically and mentally healthy,

2.4        Active in participation in various cultural/social activities; outstanding achievements would be a priority,

2.5        Under the same conditions, preference will be given to applicants with financial difficulties,

2.6        Students studying in extended period is not qualified for this Project.

3         University Selection Procedures

Personal Application (October 14th) -> BNU Review (October 15th -23rd) -> Public summons within University (October 24th -30th) -> Recommendation to CSC (October 31st)

4         Application Materials

Applicants must fill out online application form and submit the paper application materials.

4.1        Online application

Applicants must log in on the CSC Registration Platform (, complete and submit electronic application online, and then print out the application form. Applicants who failed to submit the application online will not be approved.

Ps:   1)  For the type of study program, please choose "C".

2) Agency No.: 10027

3) 'Study Duration' will be 2019.9.1-2020.7.15

4.2        Paper application materials

Ø  All applicants shall prepare following materials:

1.       "Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form" (the printed out CSC online Application Form),

2.       Transcript for courses taken between Sep. 2018 and Jul. 2019,

3.       Recommendation letter (Recommended by a supervisor or a professor),

4.        An entitled article of My story of studying in China. The article shall introduce the most impressive moment and stories happened during your study in China. The article shall be either in Chinese or in English with no less than 800 words,

5.       Postgraduate students shall provide other evidence of outstanding performance, and PhD students shall provide materials of academic publications (please refer to application materials requirement for variable quota applicants below).

Ø  For variable quota applicants:

Other than the above-mentioned document, applicants for variable quota shall also provide below additional materials:

1.       Academic publications (for graduate students), materials shall include:

a.     Information on published articles (as attached),

b.     Retrieval or acceptance letter from publisher,

c.      Front page of the paper (including title, key words and abstracts) or cover and title page of monographs.

2.       Certificates for IP or Competition Award,

3.       Incumbency Certification of students union or other organizations.

5         Application Procedures

5.1      Check if you meet the requirements for this Project,

5.2      Fill out, submit and print out online application forms,

5.3      Submit paper document to ISO on October 14th.

Location: Jingshidasha 9910#

Time: 8:00-11:30, 14:00-17:30

Belated applications or supplementary materials will not be accepted.

6   Contact of International Students Office

Undergraduate students:   Tel.010-58800310      Email:

Graduate students:           Tel. 010-58800325     Email:

International Students Office

Office of International Exchange & Cooperation

Beijing Normal University

October 10, 2019