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BNU Alumni union

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  • Guiren YUAN
  • Yan MO
  • Dehua HAN
  • Tong SU
  • Alumni Circle
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  • Guiren YUAN

  • Yan MO

    Awarded Nobel Literature prize in 2012

  • Ziyi JU

    Director of the Korean Education Development Evaluation Centre

  • Dehua HAN

    President of KBC GROUP T - International University College Leuven

  • Tong SU

  • Xiaodong WANG

    Director and senior researcher at Beijing Institute of Biological Sciences

  • Qiu JiDuan

    Director of Hong Kong Xi Rong Development Co. Ltd

  • Qi Gong

    A famous contemporary Chinese painter, educator, classical philologist, connoisseur, poet and one of the great masters

  • Singapore

    President: Feng Yushan, Doctoral graduate of College of Chinese Language and Literature Contact:

  • Korea

    President: Ja Oek Gu, Institute of International and Comparative Education Class of 96, Director of Planning at the Korea Educational Development Institute Contact:

  • Japan

    President: Zhang Risheng, Institute of Developmental Psychology Ph.D. Class of 94, Visiting Professor at Waseda University Contact:,

  • Malaysia

    President: Zhou Zhihai, College of Arts and Media undergraduate

  • Canada

    President: Tang Chao, Chairman of Longyuan Digital Media Group, CEO of Longyuan Journal Net Contact:

  • Australia

    President: Hu Yang, President of Australian Center for International Exchange Contact: