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Q: What kind of visa do I need to study in China?

A: If your study is going to last for 30 days or more, you must come with an X1 Visa. The X1 Visa will guarantee you to stay in China for 30 days. Thus, you have to change the X1 Visa to Residence Permit in 30 days after entering China, or you will be identified as Unlawful Presence.

Q: What should I do if I need to stay in China while my visa expired?

A:If you need to continue your study in China or need to stay in China for other reasons after your visa (Residence Permit) expiring, you need to go to International Student Office one week before your visa or Residence Permit expires to extend it.

Q:What kind of materials do I need to apply for Residence Permit?

A: If you are going to apply Residence Permit for the first time, you need the following materials: passport (original and copies of personal information page, visa page, entry stamp seal), Beijing Normal University Admission Notice (original), JW202 (201) Form, Physical Examination Record (original), registration form (original) and two passport-size photos.

Q:For how long can I extend my Residence Permit?

A:The duration of your Residence Permit is in accordance with the duration of your tuition fees and insurance expense. That is to say, if you have pay for a year of fees, you can get a year, no longer than two years, of Residence Permit. If there is a tuition arrearage, you cannot get an extension.