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Insurance & Medical Care


According to the rules and regulations of Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, it is compulsory for international students commencing studies in Beijing to show proof of overseas medical insurance during registration. The insurance has to cover the entire duration of the students’ stay in Beijing, with a coverage of more than 400 Thousand RMB, for the highest single item reimbursed. Students who are unable to provide proof will not be accepted by the school for registration.
Students can also purchase insurance provided by Ping An Insurance Company. Refer to Comprehensive Insurance & Protection Scheme for Foreigners Staying in China for more information regarding the insurance. 

Medical Care

University hospital provides adequate healthcare services for students and staff of the school. Students would need to bring along their Student ID if they need to go to the hospital. Students can also visit other hospitals nearby, Second Artillery General Hospital and Peking University Third Hospital. There are several other reputable hospitals in Beijing, students can visit different hospitals based on their medical needs.
As the school requires every international student to have health insurance, students should check the coverage of insurance and prerequisites of usage when seeking medical care. For insurance bought overseas, students should seek advice for the usage of your insurance in China before leaving. Students are strongly advised to understand their insurance claims to avoid huge amount of medical expenses that cannot be claimed.

Hospital contact details

BNU University Hospital :
The university hospital is located on campus on the north side of staff cafeteria.
Peking University Third Hospital:
Address: No 49 Hua Yuan North Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: 82266699 
  This is the designated hospital for all Chinese Government Scholarship students. Students are required to provide a proof of medical consultation to the school.
Second Artillery General Hospital:
Address: No 16 Xin Jie Kou Outer Street. South East corner of Jingshi Building.
Tel: 66343114

Union Hospital  Peking Hospital
Address:No 49 Garden North Road, Haidian District, No 1 Shuai Fu Yuan, Dongcheng District Address:No 1 Dong Dan Da Hua Road, Dong Cheng District
Tel:6529-5812  Tel:6513-2266 
Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital  Friendship Hospital 
Address:He Ping Street North Side  Address:No 95 Yong An Road, Xuan Wu District 
Tel:6422-1122/6422-2969  Tel:6301-4411 
Tong Ren Hospital Beijing Emergency Center
Address:No 2 Chong Wen Men Inner Street  Tel:120 or 999 


Opposite the east gate.
Opening Hours:07:30-21:30,including late night pharmacy counter