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Entering the College for studies

Course Selection

Foreign Language course: A Foreign Language is not compulsory for international students other than those from the CCLC. Starting with sophomores (freshmen are excluded), students may take a language as an elective. To do so they must attend a placement test during the first week of the fall semester., and the test results will determine the corresponding level of your foreign-language course.

Overview of China: This course is compulsory for your diploma. Students selecting this course must register in the College of Chinese Language & Culture during the first week of each Autumn semester.

Offices of each college/department: Students should go to the office of their college/department to discuss with their teachers issues concerning course selection, credit, and other problems.

Discipline: BNU observes strict discipline. All students must abide by all the regulations to finish their studies smoothly.

Leave of absence: If you are to be absent for more than 3 days due to illness or accident, you must obtain a leave note from either website ( or the International Students Office. Only after the note is signed by the principal of your college/department and returned to the Office does the leave note take effect.

Attendance Check: Don’t skip class! If your absences amount to one third or more of your total class hours, you will be deprived of the right to take part in the final exam. Your final score will be 0, and, according to the regulations of Student Status Management, you will be charged fees to retake the course.

Absences: Never be absent without reason! Students whose absences total 50 class hours or more will be dismissed. Opportunities to study deserve to be cherished – study hard and improve yourself!

Exams: Advanced exams are not permitted by BNU. In general, students who miss exams may not take part in make-up exams unless their reasons are extraordinary, in which case they must apply to their college/department for permission to attend a make-up exam. Otherwise, a score of 0 will be assigned.