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Volunteer Group

Our school's International Student Volunteer Group is composed of over 100 students from 30 different countries. They take part in all kinds of volunteer events both on and off campus, exemplifying the dedication of BNU international students in the pursuit of promoting cultural exchange among nations.

In 2004, the International Student Office at Beijing Normal University organized around 20 international students to serve as volunteers in welcoming new arrivals to the school, thus laying the foundation for today’s Volunteer Group. The passion of the participating students and the personal growth they achieve throughout their time as volunteers makes it abundantly clear that the work of the Volunteer Group is a powerful tool to help students overcome loneliness, become more socially aware, and develop habits that serve the public good. To further the support given to the International Student Volunteer Group, the Outstanding Volunteer Award was added to the myriad list of scholarships awarded by the university, and accordingly, the Beijing City Government added a Special Contribution Award to the various scholarships offered to foreign students in Beijing. Since then, the International Student Volunteer Group at Beijing Normal University has experienced rapid growth and development.