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On 2024-Apr-12

The English version is for reference. In case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

I. Qualifications for application

1. International degree students (bachelor, master and doctorate degrees all included) has graduated in January 2024, or about to graduate in June 2024.

2. Students who apply for excellent graduates must abide by the laws and regulations of PRC and obey BNU rules. They must work hard with great enthusiasm, be of good conduct, respect teachers and be friendly to China.

3. Undergraduate students can apply only if they have finished all their degree courses, pass the thesis defense with graduation qualification and possess excellent examination result; Masters and Doctorate degree students can apply only if they have finished all their degree courses, and pass the thesis or dissertation defense. They must also have some achievements on scientific research.

II. Application Materials

1. Complete the Application Form for BNU Outstanding International Graduates 

Note: Applicants please complete the Basic information and Personal Statement parts.

2. Other related supporting materials: such as, certificate of award, academic achievements or publications (The Form of Information on Published Articles must be submitted if there is any publication as supporting materials. Please also provide the photocopy of the cover, the table of contents, and the front page of the publication.)

Note: All kinds of awards and publications should be obtained during the study period. On the publication, the author’s unit should be undersigned as Beijing Normal University.

III. Application Time

All application materials shall be submitted to Schools/Colleges coordinator(s)  by April 22, 2024. Name list of winners will be announced on the International Student Office website before the Graduation Ceremony.

IV. Application Procedure

Application material submission------College evaluation and recommendation ------University evaluation and selection------Publicity period

V. Certification of the Award

Excellent graduates (degree students) will receive the certification of EXCELLENT GRADUATE STUDENT awarded by BNU.

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