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Notice of 2024/2025 Scholarship Annual Review

On 2024-Apr-12

The English version is for reference. In case of inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

According to notice of scholarship annual review of CSC scholarship as well as Beijing Normal University international students scholarship management regulation, scholarship students are required to participate in the annual review, so as to proof the student is still qualified to receive the scholarship.


I. Categories of Scholarships

1. CSC Scholarship

2. BNU Silk Road Muduo Degree Scholarship

3. BNU Scholarship for New International Students

4. Beijing Government Scholarship (PhD students only)

5. Confucian Association Scholarship

II. Participating student range

1. Validity of scholarships lasts after September 2024.

2. Students whose scholarship has been suspended in 2023, and is planning to apply for regaining scholarship in academic year 2024.

3. CSC Scholarship PhD students who are not able to graduate as originally scheduled in July 2024, and plan to apply for extension (this annual review is a pre-requirement for extension, and shall not substitute extension application)


Please contact your school coordinator for detailed instruction. Students who are required but failed to participate in the annual review unexcused will be regarded as disqualified.


Attachment: Contact List of Schools/Colleges


Beijing Normal University

 OIEC & International Students Office

April 12 2024