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International Students Union

Nepalese Students Union

On 2017-05-03

Along with the rapid development of Chinese economy and influence of Chinese culture, foreign students studying in China is increasing day by day. Among them, Nepalese students are one of them, Now, there are lots of Nepalese students studying in BNU. In the beginning, newcomer students face lots of difficulties because of cultural differences and language barriers. So they feel uncomfortable to adapt in new environment. NSF(Nepalese Students Forum)will help to strengthen and fulfil the gap between new and old students, help to explore the newcomer students hidden talents, provide them a platform, help to strengthen the communication between students and teachers, help to participate the students in activities organized by BNU. We also include psychological guidance to new students and circulate all kinds of information.

                The main objectives of Nepalese Students Forum:

l To help newcomers to adapt with BNU Lifestyle,

l To organize cultural exchange programs,

l To organize various programs with other international student forum,

l To encourage Nepalese students to participate in different activities organized by ISO and BNU,

l To guide the students to join volunteer activities,

NSF(Nepalese Students Forum)