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Management Regulations


On 2015-12-17

i. Attendance
  • 1. Students should observe related disciplines and attend classes provided by the university. Students are not allowed to be absent from classes, and are not allowed to be late or leave classes early. Students who are not able to attend classes because of illness or personal affairs should report to the lead teacher. Those who will take more than three days off should hand in written reports (students who leave for illness need to submit a medical certificate as well). If the lead teacher agrees and signs the report and the report is also approved by the International Students Office, the students can take the days off. BNU generally does not permit more than 14 days’ leave.
  • 2. Non-degree students should take at least three courses (and at most five courses) each semester and take examinations at the end of each semester according to the relevant regulations.
  • 3. Students who miss classes without asking for leave will be treated as being absent. As for those who arrive late or leave early without proper reason, if the period of arriving late or leaving early accumulates to one hour, the time is recorded as being absent for one hour. Those whose hours of absence make up to more than one week will be given a warning by BNU; those whose hours of absence make up to more than two weeks will be given a serious warning by BNU; those whose hours of absence make up to 1/3 of the total class hours of a semester will be ordered to quit school or be regarded as quitting school voluntarily. All penalties will be informed to the embassies or related sectors or the guarantors concerned.
  • 4. Students are not allowed to travel during the studying session; those who travel during the weekends should guarantee that their regular study will not be influenced.
  • ii. Issues on suspension and quitting
  • 1. Students who request a leave of absence of two months or longer may apply for a suspension. Only after the application is approved by relevant departments of the university the student can leave. The longest possible duration of suspension is one year.
  • 2. Those who have suspended schooling because of illness shall mail their health certificate to the office two months before the desired date of resumption. Only after it is approved by BNU can the student re-enter China. When they re-enter China, they should take another physical examination, and if they are deemed as being healthy, they can resume their studies in BNU.
  • 3. Government exchange non-degree students also need to show the approval of their embassies in China when they apply for suspension; before their resumption, they should request their embassies in China to apply to the State Commission of Scholarship Funds of China. If it is approved, students can contact the university about the matter of coming back to study.
  • 4. The university will not return any tuition to non-degree students on their own expenses who suspend schooling; students who have resumed their studies are not supposed to pay the tuition for the duration of suspension.
  • 5. Students suspending schooling will be given a certificate of suspension, with which the student shall come back to school to resume their studies within the fixed date. Those who do not come back on time will be regarded as quitting school; the university will not retain their student status; and the tuition is nonrefundable.
  • 6. When non-degree students quit schooling, the university will not retain their status as students. Tuition is nonrefundable to students on their expenses
  • iii. Issues on Certificates:
  • 1. Non-degree students (including non-degree language students and students in other departments) are to take examinations according to relevant regulations and those who can pass at least three courses’ examinations are awarded course completion certificates. Those who fail to pass three courses’ examinations will not be given the certificates.
  • 2. Students who fail to complete required courses, study plans or whose performance do not pass or who quit school midway will only be given a certificate of having studied in BNU which state the major and duration of study.
  • 3. The certificates are expected to be received within one month after the closing ceremony. Those who fail to collect it or who lose it will not get a supplementary one