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Reward & Punishment Regulations


On 2016-01-08

i. Qualifications for application:

1. International degree students studying for bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degrees can apply only if they graduate at June. Undergraduate students can apply for being the excellent graduates based on their academic performance reflected by the examination results of the four academic years; and master and doctor students can apply based on their academic performance reflected by the examination results of the three academic years.  

2. Students who apply for excellent students must abide by the laws and regulations of PRC and obey BNU rules. They must work hard with great enthusiasm, be of good conduct, respect teachers and be friendly to the Chinese.

3. Undergraduate students can apply only if they have finished at least 3 courses each semester and each examination result must be EXCELLENT; Master and doctor students who can apply only if they have finished all of their degree courses, and their degree paper must be EXCELLENT, and they must have some achievements on scientific research.  

ii. Scholarship evaluation process

1. Applicants fill in the Application Form and hand in the form to their Schools (Departments or Institutes).

2. Their Schools (Departments or Institutes) are supposed to supply written evaluations on the forms. The written evaluations must carry the signature of the person in charge and must be sealed by the Schools (Departments or Institutes) before turning in to the Office.

3. An evaluation panel made up of personnel from the International Students Office, BNU Graduate School and related Schools (Departments or Institutes) is to rank all the applicants and to decide the list of winners according to applicants’ application and to the written evaluations of their Schools (Departments or Institutes).

iii. Time of evaluation:  

Applicants are expected to turn in the Application Form to their Schools (Departments or Institutes) before May 30th. The Schools (Departments or Institutes) are supposed to turn in the Forms with written evaluations to the International Students Office before June 10th. In the middle of June, the panel is supposed to discuss the issue and declare the evaluation results.   

iv. Certification of the award

Excellent graduates (degree students) will receive the certification of EXCELLENT STUDENT and prize awarded by BNU