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These administrative measures are set in order to standardize the evaluation, issuance and related management of scholarships for international students of Beijing Normal University. This management method is applicable to, “Silk Road Muduo Degree Scholarship” and “Belt and Road Initiative Teacher Program & Belt and Road Muduo Degree Scholarship” students.

1.    Scholarship period:

                      I.        Undergraduate: scholarship period of four years;

                     II.        Postgraduate: scholarship period of two or three years;

                   III.        PhD: scholarship period of three years;

Note: The scholarship period is the study duration determined at the time of admission and cannot be extended.

2.    Scholarship living allowance payment method:

1)    Scholarship living allowance is paid monthly to the scholarship students from the date of registration. The living allowance for the next month will be sent to the students’ Bank of China account on the 28th day of each month in normal conditions.

2)    If the new student registers before the 15th day of the month (including the 15th day), full living allowance for the following month will be received; if the registration is done after the 15th, half-month living allowance will be received.

3)    Scholarship living allowance for graduates (including early graduates) will be sent till the graduation date confirmed by the school. If the student graduates before the 15th day of the month (including the 15th day), half-month living allowance will be received; if the student graduates after the 15th day, full living allowance will be received.

4)    For students who take leave of absence, drop out of school, transfer to another school or return to their country after study completion, the scholarship living allowance payment will be suspended from the next month after the date of suspension, withdrawal, transfer or study completion.

5)    The scholarship living allowance for holidays stipulated by the school shall be paid as usual; scholarship students who do not receive the scholarship living allowance on time due to leave of absence can apply for reimbursement after returning to school.

6)    Students who leave school without permission from their faculty and the International Students Office, do not register on time, leave school or skip classes without cogent reasons, for more than one week, will have their scholarship living allowance canceled for the current month. If they are absent for more than two weeks, the scholarship living allowance for the semester will be cancelled.

7)    Scholarship quota for students who take leave of absence due to pregnancy or serious illness, after the approval of the school, can be retained for up to one year. During the period of payment suspension, scholarship living allowance will not be paid and comprehensive insurance will not be purchased.

8)    Scholarship quota of students who apply for leave of absence due to military service shall be retained. However, during the period of absence, scholarship living allowance will not be paid and comprehensive insurance will not be purchased.

9)    Scholarship quota of students who apply for leave of absence due to study abroad exchange program, shall be retained. During the period of absence, scholarship living allowance will not be paid, however, comprehensive insurance will normally be purchased.

10) If a scholarship student suspends school or applies for retain of studentship status due to other reasons, his or her eligibility for scholarship during this period will not be retained.

11) For scholarship students who cannot sign the scholarship living expenses (scan their fingers at the ISO) on time, due to leave of absence (leave period not more than one semester) for internships or research, which have been included in the academic plan and approved by the school. After returning to school, they need to submit the summary report of the internship or research and the living allowance reimbursement application. If approved, the student will get a one-time reimbursement of the scholarship living allowance.

3.    Scholarship annual comprehensive evaluation

1)    Beneficiaries of the various scholarships covered by these measures must participate in and pass the annual comprehensive evaluation of the scholarship in order to continue receiving the scholarship benefits. The annual comprehensive assessment of the scholarship begins in late March. Students are required to complete the “Beijing Normal University International Students Scholarship Annual Comprehensive Assessment Form” and submit it to the International Student Office at the designated time.

2)    The annual comprehensive evaluation includes academic performance, learning attitude, class attendance, social work and outstanding contributions. The results of the comprehensive assessment include full scholarship award, partial scholarship award, suspension of scholarships or cancellation of scholarships.

3)    Content of the comprehensive evaluation

1.     Academic performance: During the evaluation period, students should complete their courses and credits according to the training plan. Examination scores and annual evaluation results must meet the given standard, and the graduation thesis must be completed according to the scheduled plan;

2.     Learning attitude: Students must be punctual in class, have more than 90% class attendance rate, be diligent and eager to learn, and receive “Good” or higher comment from the teacher or instructor;

3.     Behavioral performance: Students must comply with Chinese laws and the rules of Beijing Normal University, respect the teachers, actively participate in school activities, and protect public properties;

4.     Awards and punishments during school.

4)    Students who got their scholarship suspended can apply to continue studying as self-sponsored student. Before the expiry date of the suspension period, students can apply (in written form) to participate in the year's annual comprehensive evaluation. If the student is qualified and approved by the school, the scholarship can be recovered from the next academic year.

5)    One of the following circumstances shall lead to the cancellation of the scholarship:

1.     Being disciplined by the university;

2.     Dismissal or expulsion order from the university;

3.     Failure to pass the annual scholarship evaluation twice during the study period;

4.     Failure to participate in the scholarship annual comprehensive evaluation without valid reasons;

5.     Students who get another kind of scholarship while benefiting from the various coverage of the current scholarship.

Students who have been disqualified from the scholarship shall cease to benefit from their scholarship, starting from the date of promulgation, and their eligibility for the scholarship shall not be resumed.

6)    According to the recommendations of the Jury, students who fail to meet the criteria for continuing to benefit from full scholarship, but who are outstanding or are included in the National key support categories may be provided partial scholarship for the next academic year, which includes free tuition, medical Insurance and accommodation allowance, however, living allowance, will not be given.

1.    Students who make special contribution to the school, win an honor or a positive social impact for the school;

2.    Students who achieve excellent results in academic and technological activities;

3.    Students who achieve outstanding performance and excellent results in competitions;

4.    Students who make outstanding achievements in social practice;

5.    Students who make a particularly prominent achievement and innovation in social work.

4.    Medical care and Insurance

1)    Insurance:

            I.   From the first month of the fall semester, the school will purchase a China’s Ministry of Education stipulated Comprehensive insurance for scholarship students.

           II.   Comprehensive insurance for International students in China includes medical treatment for accidental injury, hospitalization and medical insurance, death insurance, accident disability insurance and outpatient and emergency medical insurance. The specific requirements of China Ping An Insurance Company shall prevail.

2)    Insurance claim application procedures:

Beneficiaries of comprehensive insurance for International students in China may apply to the insurance company for claims in case of accidental injury or hospitalization due to illness. For more information, please visit the International students’ Insurance website (

5.    Special reminder

1)    Scholarship students need to go to the International Students office to register and sign the scholarship living expenses (scan their fingers at the ISO) within the first two weeks of a new semester. Otherwise, it will have negative effect on their scholarship benefits.

As required to receive the monthly living allowance, scholarship students should confirm their presence on campus by going to the International Students Office on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of each month (please refer to ISO notice during holidays). The students who cannot confirm their presence on campus during the specified period, because of some special reasons, need to hand in written statements to the ISO in advance, students can get their allowance after ISO’s approval. If it comes to the special month, the notice from ISO shall prevail.

The scholarship policy prohibits signing or authorizing of another person (other than the scholarship beneficiary) to sign in place of scholarship students. Living allowance of violators will be stopped for that month. Severe violators will be disqualified of the scholarship benefits for that semester or even get their scholarship qualification cancelled and get a public criticism.

2)    The annual comprehensive evaluation of various scholarships covered by these Measures is generally carried out from March to May of each year. Please pay close attention to the notice of the International Students Office, so as to promptly go through all the necessary procedures required for the scholarship comprehensive evaluation.

3)    The scholarship living expenses are paid on a monthly basis. Generally, on the 28th of each month, the scholarship living expenses for the next month will be sent to the Bank of China account provided by the scholarship students. If your bank card is lost, damaged, or you have other problems related to the payment of living allowance, please consult the International Students Office.

6.  Supplementary Provision

This regulation shall be implemented from August 27, 2018. If the previous regulation is inconsistent with this regulation, this regulation shall prevail.