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International Students Union

BNU Indonesian Group (BIG)

On 2015-12-16

In order to provide assistance for new international students who may be facing difficulties when living in China, Beijing Normal University international students created students associations for each student’s respective country. One of these associations is an Indonesian group called BNU Indonesian Group (BIG), in which every Indonesian student in Beijing Normal University is welcome to ask for any assistance they may require.

BIG was created in 2010 with the following aims: 1) to provide a safe place for every Indonesian student to voice their aspirations; 2) to provide the secure place for Indonesian students to communicate and increase their sense of community. To achieve our aims, BIG often holds gatherings, in which these events are organized by a sub-organization called Asosiasi Pelajar Indonesia (API; translation: Indonesian Students Association). API members consist of all Indonesian BNU students who are going to complete Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Postgraduate degree. API’s main responsibility is to organize BIG and achieve the vision and mission of BIG.

Welcome to our organization! Instagram: BIG.INDONESIANBNU