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Management Regulations


On 2016-01-08

1. Students can take part in the relevant activities of the university’s Students’ Union and all kinds of amateur sports, cultural entertainment activities such as sports teams and theatre troupe, etc. They are also allowed to join in activities of important Chinese festivals voluntarily. The university encourages normal friendly communication.

2. The university will organize voluntary trips every winter vacation (the time, cost, route, etc. will be provided to students one month in advance). Students enjoying government scholarship enjoy a certain amount of allowance; students on their own expenses pay their own expenses.

3,Students enjoy Chinese holidays. The university generally does not grand vacations for students’ native holidays (Corban, Christmas, Easter, etc.), but students can take one or two days off if they report to the teachers. Places for conducting religious rites and economic aid will not be provided by the university. Students can contact temples or churches by themselves if they want to conduct religious rites in these places.

4.Students should obey relevant Chinese laws and regulations if they want to publish, form an association, assemble, and demonstrate. Students who want to organize religious activities should obey Regulations on Foreigners’ Religious Activities in China.

5. International students are not allowed to interfere with internal affairs of China in any way.

6. It is not permitted to set off firecrackers or fireworks in the urban district of Beijing (see regulations made by municipal government of Beijing). The Public Security Bureau will seriously penalize those who set off firecrackers or fireworks.

7. Students are forbidden to take drugs in any place. If found, they are to be delivered to the Public Security Bureau.

8. Students who do not observe BNU rules and regulations and who have bad behavior such as destroying public property or scuffling will be given punishments like a disciplinary warning, a warning, recording a demerit, being placed under surveillance, being compelled to quit school, being expelled from school, etc. based on the seriousness of their cases according to “REGULATIONS OF PUNISHMENTS FOR THOSE VIOLATING THE DISCIPLINE IN BEIJING NORMAL UNIVERSITY”. If those who are kept in school but placed under surveillance continue to violate school regulations, BNU will compel them to quit school. Those who are compelled to quit school are supposed to go through the procedures of cancellation of residence permit and return to their countries. As soon as the punishments for violating regulations are decided, BNU will inform the punishments to relevant embassies in China, dispatching units and the students’ guarantor.